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Sat 8th Dec 2012

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hm32326 commented on Trine 2: Director's Cut on Wii U Outperforms R...:

Nintendo offers hardware and software that in taste is vastly different then Sony and Microsoft.

I didn't buy the Wii U for it's power(its good, but not amazing), but instead the innovated experience that you get with the hardware and of course Nintendos software. Also going to be some great exclusives coming out for it as well in 2013. It's a bonus to play other games that are available on the xbox and ps3 as well.

You can't compare the Wii U with the next xbox and playstation system because it offers something completely different. Nintendos taste is unmatched and unique that it doesn't make it's progress with pushing hardware specs, but rather innovation.

If you want to do a hardware spec war, then leave it between M$ and $ony.

You want to see how innovation can easily beat out hardware specs? Check the sales records for the wii compared to the xbox 360 and ps3...

Nintendo has been going strong for a long time and I don't see them failing any time soon...They know what they're doing