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Thu 18th Nov 2010

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hendrix commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

@163 I understand precisely what you are getting at with your "Halo" effect argument (now). Perhaps I should have read it a bit closer because I thought you implied that this was the reason people didn't like the game. It's basic psychology for people to overlook flaws in something they like and focus on them in something they hate. What I was pointing out is that bad reviews come from people not liking the game and trying to explain where this dislike comes from (ie Team Ninja wrecking Metroid).

I do however find it interesting that you put words in my mouth. I did misread your post a bit, but perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension as well because I never said you implied Other M was perfect. I was using that sentence to point out the fact the Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 1 were not perfect but people overlook and forget the flaws in time.



hendrix commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

@161 I understand that you may have enjoyed Other M and feel that the hate is unjustified. However, your "Halo" effect argument is based on logical fallacies: that people aren't buying and dislike Other M because they perceive that Team Ninja wrecked Metroid and that the review scores tanked the game. There are only a few reasons why games don't sell well, and they are that the title isn't marketed very well so few people know about it, it is too niche and doesn't appeal to enough people, that it is released at a bad time and there are too many fantastic games to compete with, or that it is simply a bad game. Word of mouth does trump poor review scores in time, and this has been shown many times in video game history so only time will tell if Other M will achieve high sales.

I'm not going to respond to each of your other points because it would make this post too lengthy, but I would like to point out that all games are flawed. A perfect game simply has not been made yet. Games that are spectacular are so great that people simply overlook and forget about the flaws when they are playing them. This was the case in both Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 1. While Other M shares some of the flaws of Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 1, those 2 games were exponentially better than Other M and so you don't see as much complaining in regards to those 2 games. It has nothing to do with people seeing Team Ninja on the game case and immediately calling Other M bad, and everything to do with them not liking Other M very much and trying to articulate what it was that they didn't like about it - even if they didn't know exactly what it was.



hendrix commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Metroid: Other M failed to sell well because it strayed too far from what many fans consider a good Metroid game. I'll try to be brief but informative so if any developer reads this it won't take too much time.

1. Metroid games since the first have been very focused on exploration. In Metroid: Other M, there is very little exploration. Most rooms have one way in and one way out. For the places that have more than one entrance and exit the extra doors are constantly locked or blocked, impeding progress that does not take you directly to your goal. Once you possess the item you need to open a blocked door you can't get back to it anyway because the doors lock behind you. Not even Metroid Fusion was as linear as Metroid: Other M, and that was previously the most linear Metroid game to date. Any fan who played the Metroid games for the exploration surely did not like this.

2. Samus' characterization was less than ideal. The old games had very little development of Samus' character but many gamers had vague ideas about her character anyway. Most of these gamers did not read the manga and had no idea she would be the way she was in Metroid: Other M. In my personal case, the only understanding I had of Samus was that she was "strong," and "bad-ass." In Other M, Samus may be physically strong, but emotionally and psychologically weak. The Ridley cut-scene produced strong negative reactions from fans because it directly contradicts a psychologically strong Samus. Samus also frequently got into situations where she needed to be rescued in Other M due to carelessness and this is not typical of her. While Samus has needed to be rescued before in the Metroid series it was because she was over-powered, and not because she did not check the battlefield or area first. The fighting by fans over these shows that a large portion of Metroid fans did not like this characterization at all. I personally hope it is ret-conned.

3. The decision to make Samus defer to Adam in weapon authorization may have worked but it was implemented poorly. Most people hated it, especially after the magma cavern area. It certainly did not help Samus' character because it made her seem deferential even when it threatened her life. Contrast this system with the old system of finding your power-ups hidden around the game that worked brilliantly in the older Metroid games and you can see why people were upset with this change.

4. The environments and models were very bland looking for most of the game. These may have been detailed in Other M but the use of color was terrible and the overall affect was that they were very uninteresting to look at. "Ugly," if you will. The only area that stood out visually was the magma chamber. The older games had gorgeous environments and models. I can't say the same for Other M.

5. The majority of items were not hidden cleverly at all. A lot of them were so easy to find it took any joy out of discovering them. In my game I stopped looking for them because it was no fun to find them when they were so easy to find. They were hidden much better in the old games.

6. The combat did not feel very good for an action-type game. All you had to do was mash the d-pad and it was difficult to get hurt. Most of the game was easy and boring because of this. The post-game boss suffered the most from this because it was clear you were supposed to mash the d-pad against him, and it made for a very boring fight. Final bosses should be epic fights whenever possible, and this one was just a let-down.

7. The music was almost non-existent in Other M. The older games (Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 1 in particular) had great music that was at times fantastic and iconic. Other M barely even had music, and the best tune in the game was a remix from the older games that was heard only briefly.

After all that, I would like to point out that I am very very happy that I rented Metroid: Other M instead of buying it for full price. If I had paid the full $50 price I would have felt ripped off. Even so, I wish I had never played Other M because it has tainted my perception of Samus and I consider it the absolute worst Metroid game I have ever played (and I've played every one except for Hunters and Pinball). It is different from the other Metroid games but different is only good when it is as good or better than the old.