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Mon 20th Jul 2009

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hedless commented on Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360:

Nintendo has been more innovative and able to get ppl on the market that would not otherwise get a console....aka the retirement home, healthcare communities...the places where playing a "non-game" game like wii play or wii sports is great fun. It took me 2 years to get a Wii, everytime I went to get one it was sold out....I dont think I can say the same for the 360 or PS3.
I do have to admit that there are better options for 3rd party titles on the PS3/360....but neither of those systems interest me. I'm bored of the button smashers that seem to be flooding the market, tho I wish we could get more RPG games for the Wii. Would love it if we could play Elder Scrolls Oblivion, but maybe that will come with the WiiHD, who knows.



hedless commented on Review: Final Fantasy (Virtual Console / NES):

To anyone that thinks this is a grind game that is difficult should try playing the original Dragon Warrior game for the NES. Losts of grinding and very long and boring, and extremely easy to get killed by wondering into places you are not ready for.

Aside from that, I think this game rocked and got me into the FF series. Should have been rated higher in my opinion, especially since your classes upgrade which doesn't happen often in RPG games now a days or back then. I actually miss that element of classes upgrading later on in the game. As for my favorite "classic" FF would have to be 3, or 6 depending on which country it was for.

This is definitely a game I'm picking up for VC.