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Thu 4th Dec 2008

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harusame commented on Japan to Receive Widescreen DSi:

The IGN article doesn't say anything about a 16:9 screen, only that the screen will be larger than in the current DSi (the resolution probably won't change). It's still a weird move by Nintendo but not quite as stupid as a widescreen DSi would be.



harusame commented on Review: Super Star Wars (Virtual Console / Sup...:

"like Mark Hamill it has aged terribly"

That was a really cheap shot and you should be ashamed of yourself. Hamill is 57 and hasn't tried to cover it by shooting his face full of botox like the average Hollywood star. He looks good for his age and still does great voice work.



harusame commented on Why silence is golden for Nintendo:

A silent protagonist works fine in an adventure game but the grunting Link in Soul Calibur II was just stupid. Was he retarded or is that what the Hylian language sounds like?