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Fri 6th Nov 2009

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haidaboy commented on Review: Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (SNES):

I remember this game from when I was a kid. I was a really little kid when I first played it. And it was on floppy discs and ran under DOS.

Later when I was teen this was the first game I hacked. Just with a hex editor making changes to characters values and ship capacities and playing around with things like that. Just simple hacking.

Recently I got this game out again and used Dosbox to play it on Windows. It won't play on Windows without Dosbox to emulate the old DOS.

But anyhow I still enjoyed playing it...even with horrible graphics. It has a unique kind of gameplay like the reviewer mentioned that makes it enduring. Seems I can always go into this game and have a different experience. Not just by choosing the different characters (and yeah I even played Catalina the pirate chick), but also by defecting from one king to another, or being a pirate instead of a trader, and stuff like that.

One thing that was fun was when I changed all the hex codes so images of the waitresses and other chicks were my mates under Catalina...turned it into a chick crew instead.

Thinking back on this I really did have fun with this game...and not just playing it, but messing around with the hacks too.

Now if I could only read Japanese so I could play that Uncharted Waters 4, I would really go for that.