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Fri 6th Jun 2008

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guitargod33 commented on Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream:

This is one of only a few NES games I can keep going back to, over and over again. Fun, challenging, you've got to use your head but not so much that you get a headache, great replay value.



guitargod33 commented on Metroid:

I have to say I agree with the 3/5 star rating. I, too, loved playing this game once upon a time as a little one (and admittedly I never really got too far with it back then, I got about as far as defeating Kraid) and it has its fun moments now, but this game has pushed me to doing something no other game has done...I hate using cheats and walk-thru's and knowing what to do before I even try to figure things out myself, but I refuse to play this game without a walk-thru. It's too frustrating to wander about without a map. Too many of the areas look too similar, and I end up running about in circles.
In a similar way, Super Metroid was probably my favorite game when it came out, and I played it over and over and over trying to collect more stuff and finish in a shorter time, but if I were to download it today it probably wouldn't hold up to what it used to be. Which is why I'm considering not downloading it. Let it be that awesome game it was back then, I'm afraid playing it again would just ruin it.



guitargod33 commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

I've never experienced a Square Enix remake, but of the other "remade" games I've played, well, I prefer the originals. I would love to get my hands on chrono trigger for VC, mainly because the wii is the only thing nintendo I still own (besides the 64 I leave sitting in the corner for the days I feel like playing mario tennis or mario golf)
Plus, just because they could put a bigger sticker price on a single game, doesn't mean they'd make more money. Seriously, sell a couple thousand copies at $40 a pop to a few hardcore fans, or sell 50 or 100 thousand (or more) downloads for 8 or 10 bucks apiece... (those figures are completely arbitrary, by the way hehe)