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Fri 7th June, 2013

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gsmaciel commented on Nintendo 64x64: Pilotwings 64:

O absolutely love this series. The 3DS one isn't as good as the previous ones but it's still great. I too would live if Nintendo did something new with Pilotwings!



gsmaciel commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Flipped The Tea Table with Hy...:

This was a very good decision. It's important to make very clear that this is completely detached from the main Zelda series, and shouldn't be taken as seriously. It's like Smash Bros. It plays nothing like any of the characters' original games and that's fine, it's great just to have fun playing with those characters.



gsmaciel commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's System Updates Bring...:

Anyone noticed the gamepad screen is a little sharper now?
It's as if there was some kind of "flickering" before, like an analog TV signal, that's just not there anymore. You can still notice the lower resolution and some pixelation, but even those pixels are a little sharper and everything is less grainy. I thought it was just me at first, but then I saw some people mention this on reddit and NeoGAF forums. Then I tested it again (Tingle's chart in Wind Waker was much clearer) and now I'm convinced the video compression is improved on the gamepad.



gsmaciel commented on Video: Learn More About the Technical Wizardry...:

@ekreig The leap from 8-bit to 16-bit was still mindblowing for many of us. Seeing games like Final Fight and Street Figher 2 on a home console was unbelievable. The synthesized voices, the huge characters, the smoother sounds, the softer colors were all amazing. And as a child, the impact was even stronger for me. Even Super Mario World looked and sounded like a dream.
The transition to polygons was also very interesting. Looking back, we didn't even notice that most of the games looked bad, simply because we were able to play with 3D characters and environments, which was something completely new and that's what mattered. To our eyes, they all looked stunning. I can't even describe how envious I was when I saw a man playing Mario 64 in a store for the first time...