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Wed 13th Mar 2013

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grunthos64 commented on Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Ar...:

I am probably one of the biggest Castlevania fans around. I got instantly hooked on Symphony of the Night, went back and played all the older ones...liked them but fell in love with the Metroidvania style Symphony created. Been loving every game since......except the 64 ones. The GBA and DS trilogies in particular are some of the best games of all time IMHO. Saying that, I thought Lords of Shadows was good not great. It was a God of War clone, just like how the PS2/Xbox games were ripping off Devil May Cry a bit. It was too linear and felt like it was appealing to the mainstream too much. It sold big so they did what they set out to do. Kinda sad to see the series restarted but it kinda needed to be done i guess. This game sounds great and what I've heard of the story i am really digging as a reimagining that just threw all the mythology together kinda like how the Friday the 13th remake pretty much redid the first four movies. But I can also see that it probably is missing alot of the charm of the older games and the intense focus on combat kinda bothers me a little. Everyone can have an opinion and an 8 is still really respectable. Besides this site gave Power of Illusion a 4 and i think it deserved a 7.