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Thu 26th December, 2013

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Grumblevolcano commented on Captain Toad's Joined by Toadette in Treasure ...:

@feelthesarcasm Sure they did show a fair amount of Captain Toad at E3 but after that it was pretty much next to nothing outside of a few trailers. You may remember that the treehouse team ragequitted after about 10 minutes of the most recent stream noting that of course that stream they played Mega Man 7 for much longer.



Grumblevolcano commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

That's disappointing, still getting it though as Brawl is unplayable with all other control schemes so very likely the same is true with Smash Wii U. Still, this sounds fishy and I wouldn't be surprised if there's title updates for MK8, WWHD, etc to make it work or that GCN VC is coming.



Grumblevolcano commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (North America):

@rjejr I'd guess the midnight launch would only be on the west coast as the servers update at the same time for NA and midnight at anywhere but the west coast would mean earlier than midnight on the west coast. As for pre-ordering Nintendo hasn't introduced that for games yet, only DLC.



Grumblevolcano commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

I could slightly understand no DLC if this was 2012/early 2013 because Nintendo pretty much had no interest in the concept of DLC. But now where there's 8 new tracks (and other content) coming to Mario Kart 8 in November; lots of extra content for Hyrule Warriors coming over the next few months including a new scenario and there's already a large number of mission mode levels for Pikmin 3, no DLC is pathetic.