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Grumblevolcano commented on More Marth amiibo Stock Heading to North Ameri...:

@rjejr It's not really trolling as you won't be able to get the Robin and Lucina amiibo until late April anyway (assuming release date is the same as for EU).

Also, I'd guess Lucina and Robin are the most wanted ones for Codename STEAM given that Marth and Ike are generally considered "only known because of Smash" characters whereas Awakening was popular enough that most would know Lucina and Robin from that game. If only Nintendo would release Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn on the Wii U eshop or create a 3DS remake combining the 2 games.



Grumblevolcano commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

I voted for Pikmin 1+2 Collection because F-Zero GX should be on Wii U, not 3DS and that's not even considering the very likely case that even the New 3DS is not powerful enough for a GX remaster. I personally think that spot should've been given to Fire Emblem Path of Radiance.



Grumblevolcano commented on Review: Mappy-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

Some of the music sounds familiar, maybe from one of the many Namco medleys in Smash Wii U. Great that Smash 3DS and Wii U have managed to enable Namco and Capcom to release their classics on VC. If only SEGA would do the same and I mean more than just the 3D Classics range for 3DS.



Grumblevolcano commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

@Einherjar I agree that the Sonic series needs a break. Porting the classics to other consoles is perfectly fine (e.g. Sonic 2, 3, & Knuckles for 3DS) but new games need a break. SEGA has so many great franchises to choose upon, some I'd really like that's not on your list are Nights, Jet Set Radio and Afterburner though the list goes on.

I know this will probably be unpopular here but I kind of feel the same way about Mario platformers.



Grumblevolcano commented on Video: This Unlockable Character in Hyrule War...:

So I guess Cucco is basically an alternative character to use in Ganon's Fury? If so that's cool but I doubt I'll be able to unlock it for a while, those survival battles are tough. At least this mode guarantees me lots of silver and gold materials so I can finally complete those badges!



Grumblevolcano commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:

You know what else is fantastic about Steam, you can actually gift games and DLC to other people as well as it being irrelevant of where they live. I've gifted Rocksmith DLC to a few NA friends before and I think that kind of option should be present for eshop/XBL marketplace/PSN store. I don't think equivalents of the Steam sales would be particularly suitable for other platforms though it's still another great feature.

@DarkKirby I disagree about Nintendo's being the worst, at least with PS3 the store is a complete mess and SCEE purposely avoids releasing music game DLC so I vote for Sony being the worst.



Grumblevolcano commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

@JaxonH I was referring only to DK though, for VC in general there is way more for NA to get than just DKCR and Sacred Stones. The fact that Kirby and the Rainbow Curse got released in NA when EU got Return to Dream Land probably means the reverse will happen when Rainbow Curse arrives sometime in 2nd half of this year.



Grumblevolcano commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

@Quorthon I don't think comparing Wii U and 3DS titles together provides much information. That said, I do think Majora's Mask 3D will be the 2nd highest selling 2015 Nintendo title where the first is the inevitable unannounced standard Pokémon RPG for 3DS.

Regarding Wii U and specifically XCX, I think when it releases is very important. Early-Mid July would work best as the summer is generally when most holiday is used so you could actually make a lot of progress. I'm contemplating whether to actually buy it if the release date ends up being after late August because I honestly don't think I'd have the time to actually make any real progress.



Grumblevolcano commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

If Sega and Sony collaborated on a console instead of the Dreamcast existing then I think in the end Nintendo probably would've ended up a 3rd party for either Playstation consoles or iOS/Android. Sure, the GC didn't do well financially but no SEGA 3rd party support for GC in addition to the Saturn + Dreamcast mistakes not existing probably would end up in Nintendo making the same mistakes SEGA made in this actual reality.



Grumblevolcano commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

Easily F-Zero X, the F-Zero franchise needs to return and seeing as everyone outside of Japan didn't get to experience the expansion kit then this is clearly the best option. Haven't played the 2nd and 4th games though I think Pokémon Snap would be better for Wii U. As for SM64, definitely no as that game has been released way too often. Even Sonic '06 for Wii U and 3DS I think would be a significantly better choice.



Grumblevolcano commented on Video: Check Out Kirby's Adventure Wii on the ...:

The way NoA is dealing with these things is like pouring salt into an open wound. This is unacceptable especially when you think that 4 months ago Europe were able to play DKC on their Gamepads while NA got nothing even now. I predicted it would come in March but now I'm even doubting that.

@KyogreInSeattle There's a simple reasoning and that's the first 3 games (SMG2, DKCR/Punch-Out, MPT) were a special discount treat and all future games will be full price from day 1. I'd expect that all future Wii games released on the eshop won't have the discount either.



Grumblevolcano commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

@BLPs Personally I prefer the EU situation. Sure we've got annoying things like Kirby being delayed by 5+ months but we have a far superior VC library and DLC generally arrives earlier. Ask any North American Nintendo fan on here and they'd almost certainly rather have the DKC trilogy than Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.



Grumblevolcano commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Mons...:

I got Majora's Mask 3D at launch via Nintendo UK Online Store preorder though I haven't got around to even starting it due to still having a significant amount of things to do in Alpha Sapphire (currently at the 8th Gym). Oh well, it'll prepare me for the inevitable spring 2015 game drought!



Grumblevolcano commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Director Teases...:

@StarDust4Ever I have to disagree. I got 10 of my amiibo figures for the sole reason of unlocking Mario Kart 8 costumes and in the case of Link, also the Spinner in Hyrule Warriors. If the costumes were more hidden away (i.e. the amiibo menu was only visible once you read 1 of the 10 compatible ones) and the Spinner was unlockable by other means (e.g. purchasable from the eshop) then I likely wouldn't have got any amiibo at all.