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Grumblevolcano commented on Talking Point: Star Fox for Wii U is an Ongoin...:

I think we'll next see info at E3, there's too many unknown release dates about apparent "1st half of 2015" titles such as Yoshi's Woolly World and I'm sure Nintendo will want to keep us hyped for Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X by releasing new info in each Direct.



Grumblevolcano commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

@Souldin I'd say Majora's Mask 3D is more the cause of it being overshadowed. I still remember during E3 last year when everyone was expecting Majora's Mask 3D to be the revealed game at the Roundtable only for it to be Codename STEAM and for the former game to not be revealed for another 5 months.



Grumblevolcano commented on Fry's Electronics Cancels Some New Nintendo 3D...:

@Chubblings True but on the other hand Nintendo aren't really in the financial position to decide whether Limited Editions should really be Limited in stock numbers. I'd much rather they do fair money making techniques like making limited editions not so limited than abusing microtransactions like in Pokémon Shuffle.



Grumblevolcano commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC ...:

@CB85 Not really, each completed battle you do counts as 1 hour and then after 72 hours (72 completed battles) the map resets but all ranks, heart pieces/containers, etc. are kept intact so if you got an A rank in a battle then all requirements on that square become C rank requirements.



Grumblevolcano commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

Microtransactions need to just go die in a fire! As for Nintendo using them, it looks like they're trying to take back the smartphone crowd that chose smartphones over 3DS. The path they're taking is increasingly worrying and I will not buy these things to help save them from a horrific future where they could may as well be 3rd party on smartphones (microtransaction.heavy).



Grumblevolcano commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Darknyht You could add official internal hard drives to the 4GB model too so lets say you have 250 GB internal hard drive and run out of space, you could then easily upgrade to 320 GB or 500 GB without having to buy another console. Rock Band DLC returning for example has tempted me to upgrade from 320 GB to 500 GB while keeping my current console.



Grumblevolcano commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Yorumi I think the whole competition concept comes to mind. Of course competition between the big companies in general makes the games of better quality. This generation doesn't really have that competition at all.

Wii U blew its chance of huge success by bad name choice and poor advertising. Microsoft ruined the Xbox One's chance of huge success because of the DRM approach on reveal day in 2013, higher price and the concept of releasing pretty much everything on last gen as well as current gen. That left Sony to easily buy a lot of gamers' hearts just by making fun of Microsoft's bad choices.

Sure Xbox One did end up top selling one month but that was likely due to the large price cut of which even the 3DS showed that strategy works well.



Grumblevolcano commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Quorthon All but two of them are multiplatform though (ZombiU and Bayonetta 2 are exclusives) so for the most part you could ask the question "Why buy on Wii U when you can get it cheaper and it's actually the complete package on PC, Xbox 360 or PS3?". The only answer which is in favour of Wii U is "I only own a Wii U"



Grumblevolcano commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (Europe):

Metroid Prime Trilogy and Majora's Mask DLC, I already have the disc but for £9 it's well worth having a digital backup. Never been particularly interested in Castlevania but I guess this pretty much confirms the next few weeks to be the remaining GBA titles so another reason for NoA to hurry up and release the DKC trilogy.



Grumblevolcano commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

@Rob_mc_1 I think releasing Brawl and Mario Kart Wii would put too much pressure on potential Smash Wii U and Mario Kart 8 sales especially as both Brawl and MKWii have better character rosters than their more recent series counterparts (still disappointed Wolf never made it into Smash Wii U/3DS).

I'm, honestly surprised Sonic Colours didn't make it, easily one of the best Sonic games post-Dreamcast era. As for the choices I voted for: Fire Emblem, Wario Land and Kirby.



Grumblevolcano commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

@JaxonH @Giygas_95 I think Nintendo will do something with Fire Emblem Gaiden (FE2) in the west. Can't imagine that game being the only Japan exclusive that has a song in the Smash soundtrack CDs and more than 1 song ingame in Smash Wii U being just a coincidence.

Note that of course The Mysterious Murasame Castle used to be a Japan exclusive but was released on 3DS VC in the west during May/August 2014.



Grumblevolcano commented on Nintendo Australia Thanks Fans For Support Of ...:

@Savino The biggest issue with PS+ is you don't actually own any of the games you get for "free". It's pretty much a rental service where the rental ends when your subscription expires. Sure Games With Gold has a worse collection of games but you actually own them, even if you become a silver member (i.e. not buying subscription).



Grumblevolcano commented on Talking Point: Club Nintendo's Closure Is An E...:

@Jmaster True though I'd imagine if Nintendo did a subscription-based service, it would be more like the combination of Xbox Live and Xbox Live Rewards. There are many ways to earn credits (which then get automatically converted twice a month into £/$), some examples:

  • Purchasing Xbox Live
  • Purchasing content in the Xbox Live Marketplace*
  • Using Xbox Fitness
  • Playing "Games with Gold" games for 10 hours or more

*Your Gamerscore affects how many credits you get, also you get a star rating (which adds another % rebate on) dependent on how much you spend on the Xbox Live Marketplace.



Grumblevolcano commented on New Nintendo 3DS XL, Majora's Mask 3D and Mons...:

@Quorthon You're forgetting the fact that the only version of Majora's Mask that actually works properly is the original N64 cartridge. So the choices are:

  • Buy a used N64 console (if you don't have one) and the game
  • Buy a broken port for GC or Wii
  • Wait for Majora's Mask 3D to be released


Grumblevolcano commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

So looking at this situation, after March 31st the vast majority of Club Nintendo and DDP functions become dead (outside of CN Europe). I honestly think that unfortunately the inevitable Nintendo equivalent to Xbox Live/Playstation Plus will exist this year and in turn further alienate the fanbase and newcomers.