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ROM-Hacker, mainly in modding graphics and levels. Projects: New Super Mario Bros Deluxe! (Remake of SMB1 and TLL in NSMB for the DS) [finished] Unnamed Super Mario Kart mod (WIP) Check my youtube channel for videos of the ROM hacks.

Tue 14th February, 2012

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Gridatttack commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

Too bad its overpriced.

Might get it after all considering the review, but I just cant seem myself to pay 60$ for this...

The argument of 'it has more levels' is invalid because these are levels made withing the tool, albeit shortly, and you only have the same themes, while in a proper mario game, you had more polished levels, with different themes.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

@Jt23738 Sure.
Here is the link to the video showcasing it:
You can find the download and information in the video description (Be sure to read the readme in the download).
Do note, its NOT the ROM (because sharing them is illegal), so you have to get the one needed somewhere else.

I would post the direct link to the patch itself, but mods here are nitpicky when it comes to mods like this.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - 2003:

Eh, okay game.
Some tracks were cool, but also some where not good, but I feel its the second weakest in the series in terms on content.
I do miss jumping though, but you can at least snake here.

However, one thing I cant disagree with, is the bob omb battle mode. That mode was amazing.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Smash Bros. Melee - 2001:

I remember this.

My first GCN game.

The fact that you could play as some heavily requested and new characters was awesome.

Still, nowadays this is only for the competitive scene. I can't imagine playing melee casually lol.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Runbow (Wii U eShop):

It supports online multiplayer?


I like the roster of indie characters, which in turn make the standard characters sorta useless once you unlock them...

BTW, whats the price of this?



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

@tysonfury My problem exactly with this game.
Even if this has the derp Rubberband AI, once you know how to play, it becomes too easy.

That's why I think this game is strictly multiplayer, as with other people around, this becomes fun.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

And here is another game I dislike with a passion on how overrated it is.

I don't want to fill the whole page with my whole rant, but the thing is, this game is only multiplayer.
Single player, its not good.

I can only see playing this as multiplayer, which is actually fun, mind you.
Do note that I have spent hours and hours with friends and cousins playing this.

My problem is on the flaws: super shortcuts on almost an all stages, the red shells don't work on most stages, weird physics, and the rubberband AI.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

@DualWielding Interesting. I wonder, was it because this is a 3D platformer?

@apowes I don't know. I felt Sunshine and to some extent, galaxy to control the same way as in SM64, with the exception of the tweaked game physics and the punching and kicking.

@Mr_Zurkon Oh right, the camera system....

I personally think that this game hasn't aged well(Except the music, which is awesome)

I still wonder why this still gets a 10/10 in some reviewers. Its true this game had a big key in gaming history, but no way nowadays this game is 10/10.

I suppose nostalgia has a pretty big part on this.
This is why I always think people make this an overrated game.
But yeah, the enjoyment factor is there.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

Eh, SM64.

Back in the days, it was great. I mean, after playing 2D stuff and then jumping to 3D was a great experience.

Nowadays, IMO, SM64 has lost its greatness: the level design lost its charm(Almost all levels are restricted to be a box), with superior platformer games released (BK, etc.).

Still, is fun to mess around with though (speedrunnig, TASing)



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Is...:

@blackice85 Not really. Its not a collectathon. One can easily get 100% on every stage from the start. Being doing that since I started replaying the GBA Wii U VC and im at world 6-5 with all previous levels 100%

@liveswired Its not about the emulation. It has to do something about the copyright of the Super FX chip, which nintendo doesn't own it.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Is...:

@blackice85 Yeah, they are pricey, but I suppose its worth.
I knew about upscalers before. One friend was looking for one. Will tell him word on the model you mention, as he was asking for options.

I can actually hook my laptop to the TV and play there, with the gamecube controller adapter too.
Will try to play again the SNES YI it in the foreseeable future.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Is...:

YI is an amazing game.

I am replaying it on the (IMO) better GBA port.

The level design is brilliant, atmospheric, and the color palettes chosen are pretty cool.

BTW, whoever deleted my posts, was it that hard to just edit the part with the other user out?
Now the conversation with blackice is broken :v



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

@Raien Well, the cart is 2.5mb (with SMW included)

I don't think it wasn't viable, its simply nintendo making a lazy port on SMB3.
They did a good job on SMB2 though.

I suppose in reality was just a simple matter of making alternate palettes for the levels (like SMW2: YI did) Also, believe it or not, the game has different graphics banks for each game. This means that SMB1 and TLL share different graphics location. They just simply copied SMB1 graphics on the lost levels, and it wasn't like it would be more man hours to make the sprites, as I tried long ago to recreate the TLL unique graphics from the FD and they looked fine.

But yeah, overall, its good, just a bit disappointing for me in some of the games.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

@Raien The fun thing is. I was too little when I played the first 3 SMB.
I don't have many memories of them, as I cant recall them. (All I remember is, I couldn't pass world 4 of SMB2, and I couldn't pass the ice world in SMB3)

I remember the SNES version more than the NES one because I was older. Then I had a pause from nintendo as I got a PS1. It wasn't until the GBA when I was excited to see SMB3 again, and I played it and 100% it.

It wasnt until later that I got one of those bootled 149 in 1 games GBA cart, which featured NES games, including SMB3.
When I played it again, it felt more different, and a new experience compared to the remakes.

You see, they are things like all the levels take place in daytime in the remakes (except the desert levels), and when I reached world 3, I noted the sky solid color was orange, assuming sunset, which is one what would expect from a beach. The game felt sort of different and fresh, as it was presented different. Not to mention some levels had a different palette variation which made them fun. Like in the 2 dungeons in world 2, which have deep blue colored X block, which added more the feel of a water fortress. best example is, world 8-1. In the remakes is just another plain level, with the colored blocks just green and some sort of out of place bush background, but in the nes game, it alluded to the dark world theme. You could see the black and white pipes, as well as the white outlines of the hills decoration and the colored blocks. It feels unique and its something not seen in the remakes, in which they just use the standard color palette seen before.

I could go on and on, but I learned to appreciate the simpler and more different way the game was presented.

I suppose I note the small details in the levels, because as one who actively mods these 2D mario games, im looking to make unique levels, not the same thing we have seen before.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

@BulkSlash Yeah, the broken physics in SMB1 and TLL was really horrible.
The underground levels were the most affected. And yeah, I unfortunately came to discover the patch long after I finished both games.

@WaveBoy Thank you. You're the first one I see you agree on that. I played SMAS when it came out, closely after playing the NES originals, and while I enjoyed it at first, the 16 bit graphics update novelty eventually wore off. I suppose nintendo didn't wanted to mess more, and just quickly 'upgrade' the game. I mean, the unused SMB3 levels and objects are still there (even the GBA one has them too)

@Tsurii the fun thing is I actually played the game first on a pal SNES. My cousin bought the SNES with the game when he was on a trip to europe (so he ended getting locked with this game only),
And being salty about this? You got the context wrong. More like, disappointed. But if you would sacrifice gameplay for graphics, then good for you.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

Disappointing game.
It's a great deal on itself, but the conversion of the NES titles (minus SMB2) were lazy and disappointing.

And this is NOT the definite SMB2 and SMB3 versions. The GBA ones are far better.

SMB1, TLL and SMB3 lost their charm. Sure, the new backgrounds were nice, but what about the original settings they were in? It's not like they couldn't have done it. Just a simple palette swap would have worked to add variety.

They broke SMB1 and TLL physics, and TLL lost its identity in the different graphics.

SMB3 was stripped down on its atmosphere and feeling. The bonus room had the underground music, which doesn't fit (they fixed this in the GBA version). World 8-1 and 8-2 lost their unique palettes which made them unique, now they feel the same like all levels before them. All the dungeons have the same blue X block. They are many more like this, but its the small details that matters the most.

Only SMB2 was great overall.

Thankfully, there is a NES homebrew/hack that is basically the same as this, but with the original NES titles.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario Kart - 1992:

This is the only 'TRUE' Kart racing in the Mario franchise.

It has small, simple, fun courses.

The latter ones just have courses taking place everywhere. Not really a Kart racing feel anymore.

Also, this game is a delight to mod.
I love making custom battle tracks.

You would be surprised on what you can achieve in a 128x128 8px tiles grid.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario World - 1991:

Honestly, I have mixed opinions on this entry.
The graphics aren't that great. Most of the level ground feels just flat colors.
Over half of the level design isn't that great when you take a closer look at them, which in turn, they are easier. I suppose that's why people who played SMW first complain SMB3 is slippery.

I suppose that's what you get when you rush the game to make it a launch title.

Still, it has its good stuff. The overworld is amazing, as well as yoshi is there.
But I prefer SMW for hacking only. One can fix the game with it, now to mention SMW is the base for those awesome rom hacks.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 1990:

@BoshiBoy I see.

Mostly, world 4 is the giant land with the grassland tileset. As for the levels in world 7, the first one is actually the first vertical level you play. I see where you're going with level 2, as its just another desert world. same for level 3 which is another hilly level. The similarities end there. The following levels are unique as they present new ideas and challenges (perhaps except level 6, which is a much harder level 1)
As for levels feeling the same, I don't know what to tell here, other than its true for the first 4 worlds. I suppose you should try to look a bit more into how the level was made and try to find something new that you haven't seen in a past level. Say for example, in level 6 of world 4, you have doors that take you to a similar level, except its normal. You can switch back between the giant and normal versions. No other level in the game has something like this.

As for the similarities in backgrounds, this is my main gripe with the updated versions. Say for example, all the desert levels now are in a odd orange sky, while in the NES version, you had the sky in different colors of the day.

Despite just being a palette swap, they do give more personality to the level, and prevent them looking the same. This is especially true with level 1 and 2 from world 8, which have their unique palette.

@MetaSmasher Depends.
I would personally get it on Wii U. I haven't got a NES game there, so I don't know how pixelated it looks (but I don't mind the pixelation)

As for 3DS, its on the go, and you have a lower resolution, so the game should look more forgiving.

Also depends on what you like playing more. So yeah.



Gridatttack commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 1990:

The best mario game IMO.
And the best version to play is the NES one. The SMAS and the GBA one removed elements that made some levels unique and the general atmosphere (Most notably is the diversity in the palettes. SMAS removed the sunset/twilight ones, as well as the ones from world 8-1 and 8-2)

@BoshiBoy In what world did you stayed? World 4 and and the first part of world 5 are almost exactly to grassland counterpart.

Its in world 6 when the fun begins. It also depends on your standards for 'Bland'



Gridatttack commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

@CB85 You should actually investigate how the exploit works before commenting like this.
Playing commercial 3DS games has long been possible with the gateway.

This exploit will never, EVER allow to run 3DS games because it doesn't have full access to the kernel and RAM to make it possible to load commercial 3DS games.

It's not like it will miraculously suddenly get full control of the system in a next update (unless nintendo derps out) If an exploit comes to make it possible to pirate 3DS games, then it wont be this exploit, it would be another one.