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ROM-Hacker, mainly in modding graphics and levels. Projects: New Super Mario Bros Deluxe! (Remake of SMB1 and TLL in NSMB for the DS) [finished] Unnamed Super Mario Kart mod (WIP) Check my youtube channel for videos of the ROM hacks.

Tue 14th February, 2012

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Gridatttack commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

I suppose they are crawling to their niche.

I think they should make something capable that handles what the ps4 or xbone does (if the NX is a home console)

Because it makes for more and easy third party support.
Now it seems when their parties develop, they set their limits to the Xbone/PS4 standard, because theres more market and the PC is powerful enough to handle whatever those might be able to do.

Meanwhile on nintendo, it seems that they must either do extra work to make it properly run on their system (loss in details, rewrite portions of code, etc.)
And lets not forget that some part is that most people who own nintendo don't buy stuff if it doesn't have their IPs on them.



Gridatttack commented on Talking Point: It's the Community That'll Put ...:

Could be outstanding, but if the MvsDK community is any indication, spam, trash kaizo levels are the top rated ones, and smooth, polished levels are neglected and given bad ratings.

I hope people just dont get this to play 'challenging' levels, and give a try to the polished, official mario-esque feeling levels.



Gridatttack commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: F-Zero Wii U, Octolings,...:

The playable octolink is just a model swap, like the video said. That's why they are some oddities. Also, NWPlayer123 can also change the ink colors. He tested things like blood red, black and white.

And I don't care about the SSM in a video game, and will never do it in game anyway, but its nice for those kind of people who are into that to be included, so they can stop whining FE:A didn't had this :P



Gridatttack commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

@Kaze_Memaryu I suppose I agree with you with the character dedication thing.

I sorely miss the unique break the targets mode unique to each character.

About the tutorial thing, I dont see whats the problem about it. IIRC none of the major fighting games like SF, MK have such thing, or do they?

I wonder how the next smash bros will fare when Sakurai isn't the director anymore.



Gridatttack commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Seems like you are viewing the game on your point of view. The game is quality, perhaps not in the way you want it.

I suppose you say that based that the mechanics are still the same for every fighter.

While your other reply to me sounds indeed nice (different unique mechanics for each character from what I get), that seems to be akin to more serious fighting games.

And that's the problem. Sakurai views smash mainly as a party game.
I doubt he will do something more time consuming, balancing hell that would be.



Gridatttack commented on Exclusive: We Almost Got A Wii U F-Zero Create...:

@Pigeon It wasnt really SEGA.

It was its division, Amusement Vision.

They did a great job with the game and the first 2 monkey ball games, but after they merged with Smilebit, SEGA just ruined the whole Super Monkey Bal franchise with questionable games.

I suppose something similar might have happened.



Gridatttack commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

>we know what our fans want.

Lies, if they knew, they would deliver the game.

>play the game and then we can have a conversation.

Yes, this is how it should be. I remember people criticizing games here before the even came out.



Gridatttack commented on First Impressions: Celebrating a Gaming Icon W...:

@aaronsullivan I suppose you're right.
My only problem is that at first, there isn't enough tangible game content to justify the price point.

As for we ROM hackers, we don't know if we should get this, because editing the base games provides more content.
But I suppose on the plus side is that there is a wider audience. The audience is a problem on ROM hacks, since only a few people know they exist.

I suppose I might get this when someone is reselling it for a lower price. I'm actually a bit excited for this, as I always wanted to make a SMB1 hack, but the limitations of the games kept me back.

I assure you that I at least will make quality levels to keep off the garbage levels :>



Gridatttack commented on First Impressions: Celebrating a Gaming Icon W...:

@AcesHigh Yeah, missed opportunity

I like doig SMB3 oveworlds, because the tile system and how it works is awesome.

SMW would be cool too.

Like one could build custom levels with the oveworld being the icing of the cake.

People could distribute level packs bundled in an overworld.

I feel like nintendo is not giving more options, and they want to charge 60$ for this....



Gridatttack commented on Super Mario Maker Will Allow You to Unlock ami...:

So it seems IGN thankfully shed some light.

60$ for the retail game with that useless, collector valued book.
You can only share 10 levels at a time, and when you are higher rated, then your share is limitless.

Now that's better, but hoping the digital game is less valued.

Still, its sad that most of the community doesn't really knows exactly how to proper rate a level.

So say for example, you make a quality level akin to those in SMB1, you will get rated low because 'it isn't interesting', but instead if you make a crazy level with kaizo challenges, people will find it fun...

I suppose its better to know what kind of levels will be developed and more received. Something like this happened with one of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong games.



Gridatttack commented on Super Mario Maker Will Allow You to Unlock ami...:

So I heard that you can only share 4 levels at a time.

Please tell me this is not true.

Otherwise, this is the most pointless stuff I could waste my time on it, since It's already possible to edit all the games that appear here (except NSMBU, yet) as well as use all their sprites, change graphics to anything I want, change music, custom sprites, etc.

And also, no slopes?

Please ninty, you can be better than this..



Gridatttack commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

Wow, this sucks. Maybe next time I will prioritize making a gaming PC before I buy Nintendo's next console.

They really blew it with the wii u, and this NX seems to be the early replacement of the wii u...

@Quorthon Well, at least fusion seems to be the last of the timeline.

So theres hope they wont make a sequel to it...



Gridatttack commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

While it indeed wasn't what we were expecting, people are overreacting.

You kids want to be Spoonfed everytime with a silver or gold spoon?

Eventually a new good Metroid prime will come on.

This Galactic Federation game might attract younger audience, to prepare them for the full Metroid game we have been waiting.



Gridatttack commented on Super Mario Maker Arrives This September With ...:

@WaxxyOne Common sense.

Lets see how much content other 60$ provide.

Coehesive levels, worlds, story into the main game.

This is just a tool. Other games that let you make levels like the Mario vs DK series aren't worth 60$ and they provide some levels from nintendo too (this game just has the 100 mario challenge)

This thing is a 30$ a best. They're pretty much charging you to make the content of the game.

I don't see a reason to pay the same price I could pay for 3d world.



Gridatttack commented on Video: Fan-Made Mother 4 Gets Shown Off In 'At...:

Finally the comment section is good this time around.

Last time, people were derping around :hurr durr this isnt official, ninty plz taek it d0wn" or "it looks horrible"

Anyway, the trailer is nice. Shows how much dedication the Mother series fans are.