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Sat 15th Jun 2013

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greg_leon commented on Zelda Series Timeline Wasn't Planned From the ...:

People upthread, you should note that that all that was said here is that there was no grand timeline plan from the beginning which is understandable and expected. It in no way implies that there isn't a timeline at all, that all of the games are standalone, that they were never meant to have an episodic story, or whatnot. Almost all of the games are linked through in-game references and the linking started with the very first sequel (Adventure of Link), which was explicitly stated to be a sequel of the Legend of Zelda. Similarly, A Link to the Past was placed prior to these two games by box material. These kinds of connections are abundant throughout the games. Furthermore, Aonuma had confirmed the existence of a timeline document before the Hyrule Hystoria. The linked article also contains a powerful sentiment which sometimes gets confused under the umbrella of "there is no timeline" discussions: even though there is a total relative ordering of the individual games, Nintendo deliberately refrains from stating the absolute order. In other words, there is no first or last game, and no two games can be said to contain no other stories between them with absolute certainty, with precisely the reason of preserving artistic creativity and freedom for future games.

Personally, the timeline doesn't seem rushed to me at all and I consider it aesthetically pleasing. Also, since it is now official, there is no doubt Nintendo is going to continue using it to plan placement for future games, validating the timeline further. I think that at this point, there is no purpose in denying it.