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Sat 30th Aug 2008

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graitu commented on Review: The Incredible Maze (WiiWare):

I'm having that problem right now. I've already downloaded Tetris Party, so that's not a problem, The problem, however, is that Megaman 9 is also affected by this. I beat Hero mode and wanted to download SuperHero Mode, but now I have to wait longer.

As for Incredible Maze, I knew it was going to suck.



graitu commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

@calculon: Not everyone is going to like it, so it's your opinion. Honestly, I think that since this could either be a appealing or not appealing game, so that it should have gotten a score between 6 to 8. IGN's review, though, is pretty much BS. I've always thought their reviews were pretty bad, so I never listen to them. I was questioning on how GameSpot gave SBCG4AP a 5/10, but that thought came out after seeing that review. I prefer using the 5-point integer system, so I would've given this game a 4/5.