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Seyedsadegh Yousfezade

Male, 22, Islamic Republic Of Iran

i'm almost 22 years old and i'm developing a game which you can see it's most important character in my avatar image , i will reveal more information about that soon !

Tue 21st Jan 2014

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gp993 commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's Big Day a...:

2014 and 2015 for wii u :

mario kart 8

sonic boom

super smash bros wii u

hyrule warriors

bayonneta 2 and bayonneta 1

Xenoblade chronicles

mario party 10

kirby rainbow curse


legend of zelda

starfox wii u

mario maker

captain toad ...

art academy wii u

yoshi's wooly world

and more ...

Now what's your comment ?

which was best ? Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft ?