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Wed 12th Mar 2008

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Golgo commented on Europe, Your Q2 Release Line-Up is Waiting:

That list is more than 90% trash. Many of the releases are the same game (karaoke/brain train-dance off stuff) with different distributors. The most exciting games on the list are golden oldies Chrono Trigger and Zelda OoT.



Golgo commented on WiiWare, Fez Developer Does Not Like You At All:

He's right. Lots of quality indie devs have been put off Wiiware because of limitations like download size, etc.

Machinarium was once destined for Wii. Likewise Super Meat Boy. Likewise Braid.

I know Nintendo feel their ongoing successes mean they can ignore what critics are saying, but it would benefit them in the long run to listen a little.



Golgo commented on Talking Point: 3DS Launch Line-Up Lacks Fresh ...:

The 3rd party stuff seems pretty decent. But as for 1st party stuff...well, I feel it's the weakest launch line-up in Nintendo's history. There's nothing there that I find appealing, having already played the flying mini-game in Wii Sports Resort and Nintendogs too, so I'm going to sit tight until the software catches up. Probably will wait until the ("it's not happening"...but of course it is) 3DSlite/i in 18 months time.



Golgo commented on BurgerTime HD Gets a Taste of Being a Multi-Pl...:

Me and my Mum lost many happy hours to this game when I was a kid. Really hope it comes out. I'll buy two copies for sure. One for me and one to send it as a gift to my Mum's Wii. In fact, when I got her a Wii a couple of Chrismases ago and explained the Virtual Console to her, the first thing she asked was, "has it got Burger Time?" - Lol



Golgo commented on Kirby, Your New Game Deserves Better Than This:

Whoever dreamed up that promo idea needs to be hung, drawn and quartered.

Still, those bags full of knitwear make a change for the area I suppose, as polythene bags in parks in the Elephant and Castle usually contain other substances. I imagine the dealers in the park this morning, faced with a pile of Kirby plushes, thought they were ODing on their own stash.

Anyhoo, I bought the game today. It's sitting next to me now. Happy am I. And not even lacklustre Nintendo marketting can spoil my mood.



Golgo commented on Nintendo Defends European Retailers' Pricing o...:

@James Newton: Obviously. However the proportionally higher retail cost only goes to prove that Nintendo are selling it at a proportionally higher cost to Euroland retailers, because they know they can. Except they've side-stepped admitting this by claiming it was all down to the retailers. In the US, however, where the price is very attractive, Nintendo are happy to claim the credit. Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo products and games and I will get a 3DS eventually, but really I think this episode has exposed them in the worst, most money-grubbing and duplicitous light.



Golgo commented on Nintendo Confirms 3DS Will Be Region-Locked:

Guybrush Threepwood, he speak heap big truth. This is a loss for gamers, pure and simple. A gamer with wide-ranging tastes - such as myself - would need a system for each region. Win-Win for Nintendo. Again.



Golgo commented on Rumour: The D in DSi May Soon Stand for "Disco...:

What a cheap way of forcing the consumers' hand into getting the 3DS. No reason why lots of people shouldn't want and be allowed to continue to buy and play DSi. Great back catalogue, affordable, and not everyone is in ecstasies about a 3D device with battery life so short it's not really portable.



Golgo commented on Rumour: 3DS will be Region-Locked According to...:

Shame so many are dismissing thsia non-issue. Not being able to read language sometime doesn't matter in the enjoyment of a game. Some of my DS faves include Ouendan and Jump Superstars. And it was a real thrill to ba able to travel to Japan and pick up intriguing games you'd never seen/heard of and just take a chance on them. Ah well, no more of that, until the 3DS is hacked - as inevitably it will be now, and very soon. Not that I'd hack mine, but many, many people now will as a result of this stupid region-lock decision.



Golgo commented on Review: Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando (Vir...:

I loved this game in the arcades as a kid. Yep, I knew it was always . OR, maybe I was at it. Never mind, there was always Yie Ar Kung Fu.

Still, way to wreck a child's gaming memories! Go Nintendolife...!



Golgo commented on Nintendo Download - 10th December 2010 (Europe):

Hurray!!!!!!!!! Gonna buy this later. Will seductively unpeel the wrapping from a virgin points card that I've been holding back on, gently tease the number from under the foil, then lovingly insert. (ahem)

But what am I going to do for my weekly Thursday moan from now on?



Golgo commented on WiiWare Developers Take On WarioWare: DIY:

The best developer-made microgames so far (IMHO) have been Fly Home and the one from Pixel. The PIxel one is astonishingly clever, artistic and well-made. The rest - from Gaijin dude, SuperMeatBoy dude, World of Goo dude, and Metroid dude - were just rubbish.