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Sun 5th Apr 2009

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goldwyvern commented on Interviews: ColorZ - Exkee:

The game looks like bullet hell with PRETTY COLORS. Or should i say COLORZ. The game looks good, but its not my type of game. Plus if i get points soon it'l be for some VC games and FFIV:TAY DLC



goldwyvern commented on Japan Gets Wii Movie Rental Service:

i dont know about buying it, but the idea is cool and movies lovers will get this like a fanatic with its $3 a movie pricing. its cetainly not the FIRST of its kind, but id like to watch transformers i guess. LOL MY FIRST FIRST



goldwyvern commented on Nintendo of Europe Announces April-July WiiWar...:

PICOPICT looks great, plus cavestory and SQUIBBS arcade are looking AMAZING! A couple of fun looking titles finally come out for them and leave it to activision to make a most-likely fun mix of the children's game telephone and the dreaded retail DS release LOL (the worst DS game ever or so ive heard). Europe is really a lucky freakin bunch.