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Wed 19th Dec 2012

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godoggo407 commented on UK Press Pins Blame For Sandy Hook Massacre On...:

I do not believe we can pin this shooting on video games specifically but I feel that they did play a part in the story. I am a guilty of letting my son play Call of Duty games and he is 12. He started being exposed to it at a friends house who had older brothers. They are all great kids, not loners, straight A's into sports. I have recently decided to ban them from the house. They are rated M for a reason. They are amazingly well done games (COD) and some boys will get hooked. My son loved the excitement and leveling up or the challenge of it. I feel that this intensity involved with violence is detrimental to their young brains. We just do not know what it can do. I wish the people who made these games would see that the audience they are attracting is young. It is up to us parents to put out foot down and say NO. There is a real void for games for boys 10-15. Can one of these great companies make a game that can fill this void without being violent?