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Fri 7th Dec 2012

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glassdarkly commented on 3DS Continues To Decimate The Competition in J...:

I still disagree with the use of "decimate" in the headline. Its original meaning is to reduce by a tenth, as in "decima," the Italian word for tithing (10% of your income to the church), but, yes, connotatively it has come to mean "reduce in number" or "cause harm." But is that what 3DS sales are doing — reducing the sales of the competition? I guess you could say they are metaphorically "Destroying" them, but it still seems an odd choice of word. I own just about everything on that list, for example. Nintendo's high margin in sales is not an automatic decline in the sales of others — I don't think there is an explicit causal relationship. I think more people just want a 3DS for reasons independent of the Vita. So I would say it "outsells" or "dominates" the competition, but not "decimates."