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United Kingdom

Fri 24th Feb 2012

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gitch commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Won't be Available from G...:

Another reason not to bother with them anymore.

I was in GAME the other day, picking over what's left like a vulture. For a company in trouble they've still got the latest games at ridiculously high prices. Suppose they have to make money somehow.

I feel sorry for the staff, bought many a game on their recommendation.



gitch commented on Now GAME Pulls The Last Story Completely:

I went around 3 GAME stores yesterday looking for Resident Evil Revelations and not 1 shop had it. I then thought to look online but guess what? No stock available. I finally found a copy in Sainsburys of all places. It's a sad day when a supermarket is a better option to buy a game than an actual game shop.

I also noted the fact that the GAME stores all have much less on offer than they had even 2 months ago when I was last in.

No more custom from me. I spent my last £15 in there yesterday getting an xbox 360 game and using the last of my reward points as they didn't have what I was looking for.