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United Kingdom

Tue 28th Jul 2009

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Giggsy commented on Talking Point: Gamescom Announcements Raise th...:

As usual Tom, an excellent read that highlights some key points. I agree that the 3DS has little to worry about at this stage. However, the Wii U has a far more difficult battle ahead. It's a challenge that Nintendo can meet though, they just need to make all the right moves.



Giggsy commented on Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

Well done guys. As a former member of staff I can safely say you are some of the best people I have ever worked with. Great site, keep it up.



Giggsy commented on Sega: Nintendo Should Support Mature Gamers:

Personally I would like to see Nintendo take another crack at the new Disaster Day of Crisis IP. They really didn't help themselves with that game with little to no advertising. With a bit more polish that could be a great series. The first one while not mind blowing was quite a solid game in my opinion.



Giggsy commented on Power Up!:

Great stuff, can feel the increase in speed already, or maybe that's the few numbers on here at the moment due to what WW's said.