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Thu 4th Feb 2010

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gia257 commented on Ghoul Patrol:

As a note I made that video, it was supposed to be a video where I tried to beat the level as speedy as possible (speedrun), so, slide spam isn't the normal gameplay, you usually stand still shooting, walk, run and jump more than slide. It is not a gameplay video, a "let's play" would have probably been better for that.

The graphics are more polished but the gameplay is slower or laggier since your characters have "heavy" inertia as opposed from zamn where acceleration was instantaneous (and that's why i slide a lot because it adds the full speed as soon as you push the button). That puts off a lot of people.

If you do not compare it to zamn the game is good on its own and also a good skill challenge. If anybody wants I suppose I can upload a video where I play with someone that doesn't know the game, that way you can see more varied gameplay.