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Gerbwmu commented on Project: Nintendo 64x64:

Darn you NintendoLife......I seen the headline and news and thought Nintendo had announced something concerning either VC or I'm gonna have to return to my drinking this holiday afternoon



Gerbwmu commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

Casuals......or what ever you prefer to call them are the one's who keep the hobby profitable for the developers/publishers/hardware makers. If they aren't around then you are going to see a huge decline in who operates in this business. They also make it possible for more obscure games to be released by the major publishers. If you are making profit then you are more likely to allow a project that maybe a loser financially in the long run but will offer good publicity for your loyal customer base.

Do I like some of the stuff that is being pushed in the gaming market. No but if it helps fund the next game I do want to play then please keep releasing Nintendogs (never played the game so I can't really say if it's bad) or what ever else you can to keep your profit varied and the games that I want coming.



Gerbwmu commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

It doesn't matter to me which direction they go. The fun is not in the characters but in the tracks and the gameplay. From that perspective, I think expanding the roster would allow for more varied tracks.

I'm getting the DLC because the additional tracks will add to the variety but I never stopped playing any of the others so really it isn't needed.....but it will be fun.



Gerbwmu commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

I am perfectly content with a 32 race Mario Kart and will play it till my Wii U dies.......The DLC is not needed for me to enjoy this game......Having said that I will buy both of these when they come out in NA and it will add to an already great game.

I assume new games will incorporate all Nintendo Universes moving forward if for nothing else but to add to the variety of tracks.



Gerbwmu commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

I don't like the idea of bootleg copies of games (movies or music for that matter) but at the same time i have copies of all my music saved so if somebody is using it to preserve what they already own I don't have a problem with that. I just wonder what percentage of people are doing that compared to the people who are using it to pirate games.



Gerbwmu commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Only 1 console for me this generation. Nintendo, IMO, is the best to have in the house with kids. It also provides me with what i need gaming wise although I would like some sports games worth playing.

The boys decided they wanted to play in the back yard the other day. While they ran around, I sat on my deck gamepad in hand and played games. Wii U may not be right for everyone but it has been great for me.



Gerbwmu commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

2 of the 3 cars in the DLC bundle are copies of cars that were in Mario Kart Wii. The other one will probably be called a monster truck by my boys and they will love it(that really has nothing to do with any of the arguments).

You can have the opinion that it looks out of place or that you don't like it and that is fine. But lets leave the "Integrity" and "Moral High Ground" out of the argument. Ultimately it is cross promotion and pretty good advertisement for both companies.

We complain about Nintendo and their lack of advertising but then they do something outside the norm that attracts a decent amount of attention and we crucify them for it.



Gerbwmu commented on Hyrule Warriors Update to Bring New Game Mode:

Online probably makes the most sense. I don't know what else they could be adding?

This might be a Christmas Present to myself.....I've never played any of the Warriors series but I've been itching for a good button masher as of late.



Gerbwmu commented on Fifa 15 Coming to Wii and 3DS on the 26th of S...:

Seriously.....they already made a FIFA game for Wii U. How hard would it be to update it some graphic and play wise. Slap in the new rosters. Call it FIFA Wii U and inform everyone they aren't making another for 3 years but will offer updated rosters via paid DLC. Turn it into more of an ever green title instead of a annual release...........

I'm not a fan of Soccer but the video games are fun. I wouldn't mind having a decent one to play on my U.



Gerbwmu commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

I've never bought a game because the characters were "hot". Nor do I care what a character looks like or is dressed up in. To me it's all stupid nonsense that causes people to talk about the game and gets someone to buy it just for the sake of seeing digitized female parts.

Sexualized......of course she is, because it is what we do to everything.



Gerbwmu commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

Western developers are all but gone from the Wii U party. Time for Nintendo to get involved. Hyrule Warriors was a start. Work on getting some more 3rd party's to help with crossovers and exclusives. Still 2015 looks jam pack for my Wii U so the challenge will be for Nintendo to keep up that level of production through 2017.



Gerbwmu commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

I think a VC revival is directly linked to new and exciting releases. Some variety of consoles and some games we aren't expecting. If they need to know what to release.....look at prices of games on Ebay! They can release 2 or 3 games a week and be fine as long as 1 of the games is something unique.......

@rjejr - I think your pricing model makes sense. Nothing VC should cost more then $9.99 really. Excepting maybe being something odd like a XenoBlade Chronicles.



Gerbwmu commented on Armillo Update Rolling Through Nintendo Approv...:

This is a great game. Glad I picked it up. Others then a few area's that seem to slow down I haven't really noticed any of the other items, but I'm only just starting level 3. Glad to hear it will be improved upon. Already a fun experience though.



Gerbwmu commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

ZombiU is a great game to me. I love the constant state of nervousness and paranoia that it fosters while playing. 700K maybe not the sales they wanted but honestly it is good numbers compared to the consoles sold and I hope Nintendo considers financing ZombiU2

AC3 was a game that most people (even the hardcore AC fans) seemed bored with so I never picked it up

AC4 is an ok game. The ship battles are probably the best part but it isn't the type of game that is going to hook me into buying more from the franchise since I hadn't played any of the others.

Child of light is a great little RPG and I've really enjoyed it and it makes me wish Valiant Hearts would have come out on Wii U. I would have bought it day 1. The UbiArt engine is gaining a reputation for providing great games and I hope, since they already have games on Nintendo using it, that they continue the eShop support of any future games.

I'm not gonna trash Ubisoft. I realize they are a business that wants to make money. If they make a good game for my Wii U I'll buy it. If not I'm sure I'll have plenty of other games to play.



Gerbwmu commented on Weirdness: Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlef...:

I use to make square cars.....and square houses.....and square....squares? Once I think i made a Lego pyramid and a Lego tower. Oh.....I forgot....I made Lego swords too! Seriously the Lego fanatics that create some of these things are amazing at it.



Gerbwmu commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

If I could have whatever I wanted I'd take a packaging of FE PoR and RD, also a packaging of Luigi's Mansion and Mario Sunshine as the SMB GameCube Collection. And since I'm dreaming can I get a new Advance Wars Wii U and a new Time Splitters



Gerbwmu commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

So.....anything with free online we are skipping or we know Xbox 360 owners are in no hurry to upgrade so we are gonna milk it and get the game out for PS4 and because Microsoft demands we release it on XB1.....well I guess we will do that too......don't worry Nintendo Fans......Rabbids will be released in Dec 2015



Gerbwmu commented on The Letter Version 1.1 Update Has a New Trailer:

The question I think on all our minds.....which nlife staff member gets to review version 1.1? I suppose a fight to the death is in's really the only way to decide who gets the pleasure of added content, creatures, items, and environments for the GREATEST GAME EVER!



Gerbwmu commented on The Letter Version 1.1 Update Has a New Trailer:

@ricklongo - If Guacamelee was $4.49 it would be in the top 20. The only reason this is in the top 20 is because at 49 cents everyone is buying it just to see how bad it is. It's like the almost out of date sales at the grocery store. Sure I don't really need a gallon of sour cream that I have 1 day to use before it spoils but for 95 cents I can't pass it up mentality.



Gerbwmu commented on Yokai Watch 2 Passes Two Million Sales in Japa...:

Hyrule Warriors comes out this week? I know it is soon and Bayonetta and Fatal Frame around the corner but 13K is a good week when there really isn't any software pushing the number up.

I wondered how low the numbers would dip but never really got below 8K after MK8 release. Seems like Wii U is starting to earn it's keep, at least in Japan.



Gerbwmu commented on The Letter Version 1.1 Update Has a New Trailer:

Maybe by version 1.9 this will be a game worth playing? Give props to the guy for working on it though. He could have easily left it as is. Maybe he will have something worth playing in the future.

Off topic....anyone else getting the advertisements for Super Mario Flash on this site? Just doesn't seem right.



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

Decent trailer......I think Nintendo should announce something new though for Gamescom, even if it is just a special VC release. Something new and different from E3 to add to the momentum they seem to be sustaining since E3.



Gerbwmu commented on RCMADIAX Reveals SPIKEY WALLS for Wii U, a Blo...:

@Einherjar - I look at it like this......if this in anyway helps him to fund the making of other games then I don't care. It's just not for me, but if he can use this to help him make bigger and better games then rock on.

I see it very much the same as a developer doing a movie know it probably won't be something you want but it's some more money in the pockets that will lead to games you do want.

Of course I can't speak for RCMADIAX and this is just a guess.



Gerbwmu commented on RCMADIAX Reveals SPIKEY WALLS for Wii U, a Blo...:

Gonna pass on this one but Super Robo Mouse will probably get me. Shut The Box and PDSF are great TV that during commercials or between pitches in baseball I play them on the gamepad. Great for what they are.



Gerbwmu commented on Review: SHUT THE BOX (Wii U eShop):

Might as well pick this one up too . I really need an RCMADIAX file this point maybe just make it my 5th page. I guess no caffeine purchases for me for 2 days to pay for this one.



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Wii U Virtual Con...:

So we know these 2 are coming next week plus a Mega Man. We also got multiple options for this week. I'm just as disappointed as everyone else that we have not gotten any N64 or Gamecube VC titles as of yet but still I don't think 3 releases or more per week is worthy of the comments above. Do we need more console variety.....YES but this week and next week are far from bad weeks.



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo Hardware and Exclusives Hold Firm at ...:

Wii U is starting to creep towards 10K in Japan without a release. 3 fairly major releases in Japan over the next 2 months should keep things moving fairly well just in time for a holiday jump. Here's hoping for over 10 million world wide sales before 2015!