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Gerbwmu commented on You Can Now Buy A Replacement Wii U GamePad On...:

This is good news, as long as they sell them in NA. My gamepad has taken an unnecessary amount of abuse and I'm expecting the next drop, game time woth sticky hands, or snot filled sneeze to be the death of it. I'm gonna need a new 1 eventually so if they can get it out for $99.99 then it may save me from buying a back up Wii U at the end of the life cycle.



Gerbwmu commented on Chasing Dead Developers Claim it's Awaiting th...:

Kinda hoping for less terror and more run and gun mayhem. I kinda miss 30 minute single player FPS missions that don't have a short movie every 5 minutes.....having said all that, I also use to walk 5 miles up hill to school everyday and your music is too loud



Gerbwmu commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

It's a year of change, struggle, and delays. Nintendo is in a year of what the heck are we going to release knowing we have to have some retail games to put on shelves but still dedicate teams to NX development and have a few things in the pipeline for existing hardware while getting almost no 3rd party support for Wii U and nothing other then RPG's for 3DS. I think the end result is what you see releasing as of late. Average at best games rushed to release to make some money for the holiday season. It isn't horrible and I'm sure there will be a lot of fun had when kiddie A and kiddie B open up their Smash Splat bundle and get Mario Tennis with it. It just sucks for us here on NLife because 2015 seemed to have such promise and now some of us are hopeful for a good 2016 but most of us have moved on and just want NX news and some closure to the slowly dying hardware we have sitting in our homes.

There is a lot to look forward to for me. I've never played LoZTP so maybe I will try it out in March. I'm cautiously excited for StarFox and SMT x FE. LoZ on Wii U looks like a sure buy and I have FE-Fates preordered because my 3DS was bought used just so I could play Awakening - and be slightly disappointed by it.



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (Europe):

I'm surprised by the high percentage of nothing for me this week votes. Seems like the NES games would gain more support from this crowd. Then again the 3DS offerings are mostly nonexistent so maybe that accounts for it.



Gerbwmu commented on Feature: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of FAST R...:

Nintendo really should have asked to publish this game as a full retail release. Seems like it would have been a nice shelf filler and another unique to Wii U experience that would have been more visible to the average public.



Gerbwmu commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Third...:

Lets see if I can do a "My Top 10"
10. Captain Toad
9. ZombiU
8. Hyrule Warriors
7. Deus Ex
6. Bayonetta 1/2
4. Splatoon
3. Lego City Undercover
2. Mario Kart 8
1. Mario 3D World

If it's not on here then I probably haven't played it and Xenoblade will make this list by end of year. A top 10 eShop/VC only list would be interesting to do with the rule that you can only pick a VC title if you haven't played it on the original console.



Gerbwmu commented on Video: Remembering Bubsy The Bobcat, The 16-bi...:

There are a ton of 16 bit platformers I'd love to play on my Wii U gamepad......Bubsy is one I could do without. Still I like plenty of games most people consider horrible so maybe Bubsy will find his way back onto a TV screen again.



Gerbwmu commented on Video: Learn a Little More About Chrono Trigger:

My Best Buy had about 10 of the SNES version laying around for $5 well after the N64 was out. I loved all the final fantasy games but was more interested in buying games for my 64 so I never did much more then glance at them. Now I wish I would have bought everyone.



Gerbwmu commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

I'm convinced Nintendo will have 1 library moving forward. I think that is why 3DS VC has been more or less dead for a year. What's on the Wii U eShop now will be available moving forward and there will only be one list of games so whether you have the handheld or home console you will have the same games to choose from. Nintendo can then survive on it's own if 3rd party developers abandon ship and if they stick around then you have so many great games everyone will be buying the system



Gerbwmu commented on Parent Trap: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival ...:

@Darknyht - eShop releases aren't retail though. I'd love for them to make the games I want and there are a ton of things they could do in the eShop that I would buy but I'm not what these releases are for. They know I will buy the main games but they need some sort of presence in retail to get the holiday sales from people not on NintendoLife.

And it is absolutely about profit for Nintendo means the games I want them to make will never be made again, it isn't excusing 3 party board games in 2 years it just means I understand why and am hopeful that the right type of NX system and some 3rd party support means less mini game collections and off shoots and more New IP's and main stream versions of existing IP's



Gerbwmu commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

I could never understand why stuff like this was in video games (beyond the obvious) but I'm not forced to use it so I don't care either way. If this meant the difference between a T and an M rating in America then I understand the changes.

I guess if I was female maybe I would want a correct representation of myself as an avatar but my guess is the ladies in the nlife community who will play this game aren't all that worried about it?



Gerbwmu commented on Parent Trap: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival ...:

@Kirk - I think it's more of a....we have no 3rd party retail support and 2 platforms that we need to create games for so lets do some smaller easier developed games to help fill out the library type thing. I think if sales were better and there was a more robust library you wouldn't see these games.

I hope what ever NX is...that the next handheld and home console are the same games so they have less to develop for. Even if it is along the lines of PC where NX handheld isnt as powerful so you get X performance from Mario Kart 9 vs the more powerful Y performance from the home console but its the same basic game.

We already have Wii U Party which has a ton of different games and versions to play so I have no interest in picking this up for the family but Im sure there will be a lot of people who will buy this and enjoy it.



Gerbwmu commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

Because of the wait between directs there was a lot of info and because of that it seemed to drag on. 45 minutes is too long for a direct but given the circumstances I understand why it was so packed. Now I guess we know why they were giving out bits of info here and there, otherwise the Direct would have been over an hour.

Overall good job by Nintendo, they did what I always ask of a direct, more info on stuff we know, stuff we don't know, and a surprise or 2.



Gerbwmu commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

I can't tell the difference between this game and River Raid. Totally Atari 2600 level graphics!

Seriously the game looks good. I like the game play of Star Fox and I imagine I will enjoy this too. My only complaint would be if there is no split screen or online dog fighting.....and thats a minor complaint because it is at its core a single player game. I just had a lot of fun with the N64 multiplayer and hope they consider something similar.



Gerbwmu commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 12t...:

It was a good direct but a bit long and too much info. Could have been 2 directs, by the end I kinda lost focus. Still the 3DS seems like an RPG machine for the rest of its useful life which will make a few people happy. The Wii U seems like it will be OK in 2016 but once again we will have a big drought of games between Devils 3rd and Star Fox unless there is some truth to the "games ready by end of year" quote.

Anyway I enjoyed it and hopefully we will see them more regular now that Nintendo is back in the groove.



Gerbwmu commented on Interview: Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld H...:

@rjejr - I am well aware of your bargin shopping mentality....I think it is one of many things we have in common. Hopefully I will know soon exactly what I get for being an Ambassador, maybe free will be the right incentive.

My oldest son is asking for Smash Bros for the holidays.....I'm hoping he isn't concerned with DLC because it seems like there is an abundance out there currently.



Gerbwmu commented on Interview: Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld H...:

@rjejr - as a SteamWorld Heist ambassador and huge fan of SteamWorld Dig, I'm pushing everyone to support the game, so I'm sure you will happily pay full price for the Wii U version when it arrives........RIGHT!

Anyway can't wait for the Wii U version myself. My 3DS seldom gets used although I will probably dable with Heist some when it releases until it arrives on my Wii U



Gerbwmu commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

Is there a good way to watch it on TV through the Wii U? I assume through the YouTube app? Ive never tried watching it live by TV but my son will be home from school just in time to watch so I thought I'd give it a go.



Gerbwmu commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

I've never played Minecraft but having two young sons this maybe a game worth getting. I have Cube Life though and survival mode is incredibly challenging and my sons enjoy the creative mode, because the zombies are too tough to beat for them. Really wish the update was out already for it because I would like to be able to recommend it over Minecraft but until the udate hits, it has a few flaws



Gerbwmu commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

I don't think I've ever been disappointed in a Direct.....but I also don't live and breath Nintendo news, it is just 40 mins of entertainment about a hobby I enjoy. Any amazing surprises on top of the entertainment is a bonus.

I do think they will talk about LoZ TP HD and a release date in mid February to honor 30 years of Zelda.

I also think SNES Remix maybe one of the "Surprise Games"

I think most major announcements will be made in a December or January Direct aimed at what to expect for 2016



Gerbwmu commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:

So a couple of guesses.

1. I think we will get SNES Remix before the end of December and it will be announced tomorrow.
2. I think Twilight Princess HD will be confirmed for the 30th Anniversary of Zelda and will be released mid February
3. I think they will announce an eShop only game being released either right after the direct or within a few weeks....maybe Project Guard.
4. Everything else will be hype surrounding soon to be released games or DLC of things we kinda already know about.

We will get another Direct late December which will be a 2016 hype Direct with lots of release windows and game announcements.



Gerbwmu commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:

@JaxonH - the person who leaked the Direct said it would be Nov 6th a week before he posted it for Nov 12th and then said Nintendo delayed it because of him leaking the info - that doesn't make it incorrect but I'm not convinced he is right either



Gerbwmu commented on Splatoon's Content Update is a Little Early Th...:

Well...according to a guy who knows someone who knows a guy who works at Nintendo....a Direct is coming on the 12th. It is full of random goodness and will make everyone happy except for all the people who will complain. Part of the rumor is Splatoon DLC so maybe the early weapon release points to special DLC coming.....or maybe mid week makes more sense then Friday



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo's Share Value on the Rebound Followin...:

There are groups of people who attempt to make a living by buying and selling shares of stock over the short term. One way of betting is by purchasing company stock before financials are due and then selling upon good news and a rise in the stock price. They don't want their money tied up though so if they are wrong they quickly dump the stock to move on to their next target. It artificially raises and lowers the stock price and unless a company is failing, which Nintendo financially is not, these quick plummets in stock price are pretty meaningless. Stocks are meant to be long term investments, unless you are nearing retirement there is no reason to worry about day to day or even month to month prices. And if you are nearing retirement then it means you should have less of your assets tied up in stocks because of the day to day volatility.



Gerbwmu commented on ZombiU Servers Reanimate After Being Down for ...:

I wonder how many digital sales Ubi got from PS4 and XB1 for Zombi. Have we heard anything since release? I always assumed it would tank on the twins but would be interesting to hear some figures. I doubt Ubi will want to give any info unless it sold well though.



Gerbwmu commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

The only real question is, how hard will it be to port games to the system. If it is similar enough to what ever else is out, it will get the games regardless of sales, if it is in any way complicted then you will get excuses and abandonment.



Gerbwmu commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

What.....Nintendo is going mobile....they better not put my beloved Nintendo games on crappy phones!

What.....Nintendo announced an app.....this isn't what I wanted....I wanted a real Nintendo game!

This app has been delayed because the year is already going as planned as far as profits go. No need to rush extra revenue and profit into this year, especially when you can talk about management change as being a driving force behind any shortfalls. Then start fresh in April with mobile, nintendo account, etc and show a nice increase in revenue and profits vs what ever extra cost NX incurs depending on what 2016 brings for it



Gerbwmu commented on Gallery: Catch Up With Nintendo's Miitomo Reve...:

This is probably a good start for branching out into other mobile games. I can see this being very popular in Japan and having little interest beyond but that is ok. I'm guessing the next game will use this one as a connection to all things Nintendo and will be more of a game then a social app



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

Stocks fluctuate by the minute and the big changes probably speak more to the daily investor who was hoping to make a quick buck off the mobile announcement. The stock will gain most of this back the next few days because it is now undervalued. Daily and monthly changes matter little unless your company is on the verge of collapsing and Nintendo is financially stable and in no danger as things currently sit



Gerbwmu commented on Nintendo Has Unannounced Wii U And 3DS Titles ...:

Balloon fighter 2, Excite Bike 3DS, 3DS Pro Wrestling featuring StarMan, and Ken Griffey Jr Presents Little League Baseball coming to a Nintendo Console near you!

When he says year end does he mean fiscal year or December?