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Sun 19th December, 2010

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geotrans89 commented on Talking Point: Zelda: Skyward Sword is 2011's ...:

I feel like with every one thing they get right, there's something else that feels like a bummer. The art style is growing on me FAST. But it's like- they do nothing with it. We've already seen these designs and looks - such as the forest and trails and these enemies, and mountains. One must wonder if 'innovation' has become synonymous with 'ye old routine' at their offices. Cos that would be a shame.



geotrans89 commented on Features: Five Nintendo Games to Thrill You in...:

If you ask me, they need to find a new super-tight super-potent second-party developer to start pushing out new IPs. Does no one remember Banjo, Conker, Diddy Kong Racing, Jet Force Gemini or Perfect Dark?
THEY NEED A NEW 'ALLIED' SECOND PARTY DEVELOPER. This should be like, one of their biggest goals for the year.



geotrans89 commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

Re-discovering the greatness of Wii's 1st and 3rd party titles on flatscreen+surround using only the wii remote. Enjoying every moment of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Endless Ocean 2, Shaun White Snowboarding, Tales of Monkey Island, or Bit.TRIP Beat/Runner, ever so casually but with total immersion.



geotrans89 commented on Review: Robox (WiiWare):

for WiiWare, this was more than half-decent. It can be tough as hell, but, if sci-fi/exploration is your style, it ranks up there with Fluidity and Bit.Trip



geotrans89 commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

One thing is clear.

Reviewers across the board don't seem to see anything "definitive" in the SNES iterations of mario bros. This is a blinstep, a misstep, a blindspot, a whatever you wanna call it, but a mistake.
Mario all stars IS NOWHERE available besides the SNES and now on this disc, so if you have any positive inclination about the specific presentation of THIS VERSION of Mario Bros., then BY ALL MEANS, help yourself and trust the AMAZINGNESS of this game for Wii



geotrans89 commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

Ubisoft has been selling a lot better than EA on Wii.
EA should simply know WHAT games to put out on Wii. Then they'll really sell. The problem isn't "who's" content is getting cash. For the gamers, it's WHAT, and how good is it.
Recommended 3rd party games on wii:
-Need for Speed: NITRO
-Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip