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I am in love with Bayonetta.

Wed 11th September, 2013

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Genesaur commented on The Original Final Fantasy Is Getting The 3D C...:

Quite interested, here. Honestly, I'd be okay with just getting this and not Explorers. I mean, I'm somewhat interested in Explorers, but I would almost definitely get a 3D Classics rendition of the original FF.



Genesaur commented on Sonic-Themed Felyne Drag Races into Monster Hu...:

How very odd. I mean, have they even officially shown the Mario & Luigi Felyne costumes for the West? I remember the Japanese reveal including it with the Link costume reveal, but I don't think they've made it clear that our version is getting them, too (though I'm sure that we will, especially in light of this peculiar reveal).



Genesaur commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

@ZenTurtle Cubivore. One of the best and weirdest games in the system's library.

I have mpre games for the GameCube than I do for any other console I own. I was in high school during its time. Out of all of that, I probably played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Viewtiful Joe the most.



Genesaur commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

That's so weird, but okay. I'm fine with that.

Y'know, another good thing about the 3DS version coming first is that it forces people to get used to the GamePad/Pro Controller button layout ahead of time. I'm already used to it, and I thought it'd have taken a while to adapt to it for Smash.

I love Mega Man, by the way.



Genesaur commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

@DefHalan Yeah, for real. A lot of people cited Mario Kart as being the reason behind the delay. If it's coming out in November, everyone with or interested in a Wii U will be saving their pennies for Smash, not Watch Dogs.



Genesaur commented on You Can Dress Up As Fox McCloud Thanks To Bayo...:

To all the haters, think of it like this: Bayonetta is a fan of Nintendo games, and when she's not killing angels or saving her friend from the pits of Inferno, she cosplays in her spare time, favouring these characters.

Maybe it's a little overboard for her to cosplay during the angel killing and stuff, but I say she can do whatever she wants.

Plus, I like the Fox outfit more than most all of the others.



Genesaur commented on Nintendo Confirms Details of Its Super Smashin...:

I'd almost be tempted by 3D World, except that I can find a new copy for about forty bucks, anyway.

Of course I bought Mega Man X just before these sales.

I wonder why Super Metroid isn't going on sale for this. Only the original Metroid? I have like, four copies of the game, already. I don't need to get it on Wii U, too, but I do think I'd buy Super Metroid again to have it on da Wuu.



Genesaur commented on Project: Nintendo 64x64:

Y'know, not that I think ill of the system or its varied titles, but it occurs to me that the N64 is actually my least favourite Nintendo home console.