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Wed 11th September, 2013

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Genesaur commented on Gorgeous Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Editio...:

This is pretty worth it, but I'm a little bothered that it's only ten tracks off of the OST. Oh, well, it is what it is. Just wish it were at least twenty tracks. I get that they'll want to do a full soundtrack release with all 100+ tracks (didn't they confirm that number?) and so I understand the limitation. If only it were slightly less limited.

But hey, the flash drive itself is cool enough. They might as well have not mentioned the teeny handful of songs and left that a surprise all its own.



Genesaur commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Okay, first, SQUEAL.

And second, when you said it unlocks content, I initially thought you meant that it unlocks the character in Smash Bros. That would actually have been a brilliant approach to allowing access to DLC characters. Not like in a restrictive way where you would have to buy the figure. More like if you buy and scan the figure, you wouldn't have to pay the four or five bucks for the DLC character, but that'd still be an option if you didn't want the toy.

I think that'd be cool, anyway.

@IceClimbers You 'bout to make me squeal again. Nintendo sure seems to like Game Grumps, and it fills me with joy.



Genesaur commented on FAST Racing NEO Developer Shin’en Multimedia...:

@Jimtaro To be fair, Shin'en has practically been Nintendo-exclusive for a while, now. Any big Nintendo fan knows that these guys always praise Nintendo and their hardware.

My guess is that FAST Racing Neo was really costly to produce, which is partially backed up by the lengthy development time. As such, this bit of PR reads more to me like they're reminding people, "Don't forget to buy the game, by the way!" They're putting their trust in the community to back up the online hype, but they still need to remind people in general that the game exists.

So I do hope this game to sell relatively well. But I want a new trailer soon.



Genesaur commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

I certainly hope so. My fiancé and I voted for him and Shantae, respectively. Shovel Knight would be a perfect fit, and assuming his amiibo won't work on any other game (Mario Maker?), I'll probably just leave him in the box. Speaking of amiibo, wouldn't his figure come out much later than the DLC character? Ryu and Roy aren't out, yet, and they're only just getting to Mewtwo and Lucas.

I wonder if he'd have a voice actor or just sound effects from the original game.



Genesaur commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

"There's undoubted fun to be had online." Done. That's enough for me, as it's the multiplayer options that have me wanting the game in the first place.

Not the first nor the last time I will make fun of you people who need an arbitrary number to form an opinion. Read the review, for goodness sake, then decide for yourselves.



Genesaur commented on Splatoon Original Soundtrack Bringing 2 CDs of...:

@CaptainToad6786 Maybe-maybe. Importing really isn't the worst thing, anyway, although I paid a pretty penny for the OSTs of Virtua Fighter 5 and Baten Kaitos.

Had they released here, it'd probably have been such a limited release that I'd have paid around fifty bucks for each of them, anyway.



Genesaur commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

Man, I'm bummed about Fatal Frame not getting a physical release (at least, not yet). I hope that they do a disc copy down the line, because it just doesn't seem right to restrict such a big title to being download-only.

I'm glad that Star Fox is coming before December, at least.



Genesaur commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988:

"It must have seemed like an exotic diversion from the original..." Not really. Not at the time. In hindsight, it seems like an oddball entry to the series, but at the time, it was just Mario 2. Zelda II played differently, too. Really, sequels should be more like this. Not all the time, of course, but it'd sure be nice to see something extraordinarily different, once in a while.



Genesaur commented on Mario Memories: How Super Mario Land Made Me A...:

"A few hours"? Land is along the shortest Mario games ever. I still love it, the music and all.

Anyone who might like a video game rap-over full of swears and won't mind some casual misogyny should look up "Action Adventure Super Mario Land" by 8-Bit Duane.



Genesaur commented on Enter a Crazy Code to Unlock a New Character i...:

@TheActualGold It's only odd in the context of Vegeta's character. Pretty sure he continued wearing it throughout Resurrection F.

Come to think of it, Whis is the first actual, direct teacher that Vegeta has ever had. Even when he was a kid, they just set some Saibamen on him, then decided he was good enough to start wrecking intergalactic civilizations.

There's no hint that he had any sort of mentor. I don't think Nappa counts, and King Vegeta has never been shown being even remotely close to the Prince. It'll be interesting if Dragon Ball Super explores this angle.



Genesaur commented on Nintendo Not Looking To Churn Out Yearly Seque...:

Zelda gets at least one game every year.

"Small, incremental changes may not be worth a whole new release." Unless we're talking about New Super Mario Bros. Then small, incremental changes per release is exactly how it's done.



Genesaur commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

In your face, K. Rool fans! He didn't actually make it in. The Chrom Mii actually looks good. Don't care about the new-but-not-really stages, in all honesty. YouTube uploads, cool, yeh. Whatevs.

Tournies, however, I am so down for.