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Wed 11th September, 2013

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Genesaur commented on Ninterview: Jeremy Parish On Cataloguing The H...:

I love this guy. I love his dedication to his work. I love Anatomy of Super Metroid. I love this quote, "Web content is ephemeral - it can be deleted or lost or whatever, but once it's in print, it's locked down forever."



Genesaur commented on A Splash of New Details Emerge on Splatoon's D...:

@outburst Yup, he won't exactly be missed. More fun for us, I guess.

I'm pretty excited to see that Splat Zone has options for more zones to control. That sounds fun.

I find it weird that the amiibo focus on getting special gear for single player. I guess they didn't want amiibo owners to be OP online? They could still balance it out; I dunno.



Genesaur commented on Video: Reminisce and Watch the History of Supe...:

Well, they messed up right off the bat; the intro screen in Super Mario Bros. (and others) is completely silent. I thought everyone knew that.

My guess is that this was done to eliminate confusion from viewers who wouldn't know any better... but whatever.



Genesaur commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

When I saw the Platinum rewards, I thought with such disappointment, "But I already have almost every game I'm interested in on here!" I ended up going with Mario Galaxy 2, since I want a physical copy of Tropical Freeze, if ever I do buy it, and Crashmo and Metroid Fusion are cheaper than Galaxy 2.



Genesaur commented on Video: New Nintendo TV Commercial Focuses on a...:

I'm very surprised that Mega Man is still available for a fair price. Just seemed like he'd be as popular, if not more so, than Little Mac or Marth. I'm not so foolish as to let myself wait for that; I've already bought him.



Genesaur commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

I really don't get why it doesn't even seem to be a consideration. I mean, the original point of the Link character is to be a representation or at least a connection to the human with the controller. It's in the character's name, after all. A link to the player.

If I recall correctly, that was once the point of allowing players to name the character in the first place. Somehow, Link just became his actual name, or whatever. I think a fem-Link would maybe help people to realize that.

Ganon can stay male. It'd be downright annoying if they just gender-swapped everyone, but we know there's no way Nintendo would do that.



Genesaur commented on Video: Mario Party 10's Bowser Party & amiibo ...:

I would be much more interested in amiibo Party if the board wasn't just a freakin' square.

What is with everyone making such a big stink about online play? It's Mario Party. Do you really think it's that well suited to going online, or is it just the principle of Nintendo being behind the times (or whatever) that's gotten you all up in a tizzy?