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Sun 8th Jun 2008

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genEric commented on New WiiWare Games: Cave Story And Boingz:

oh my... i'm shaking. i practically fell out of my chair when i read that Cave Story is making it's way to WiiWare. but i do wonder if any new content will be made exclusive to the Wii? i think it should seeing as how you can get it free (as posted above).
also, Boingz looks fairly interesting. a new Puzzle-Plat would be nice being that i played Toki-Tori to death. ...cannibal...



genEric commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

my friends and i were all psyched up for this game, and when we started the first level we dropped our controllers and laughed. if anyone here owns a 360 and has ever played Yaris(which is free) then you'll know why we did... at least it has decent music and graphics.



genEric commented on Gyrostarr hits WiiWare this Monday!:

I sure hope this game is as good as it is in my dreams! ^^ I would have gladly spent 1000 points for this game. I'll be sure to get it asap. This may actually get me to veer away from Toki Tori for a while.
I sure hope you in the U.K. and such don't get shafted on your next release day.