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What colour is your soul?

Female, 32, United Kingdom

I am a healthcare worker. I enjoy crafts,walks, gaming and in particular: Rune Factory 3, Zelda Harvest Moon and the Tales Of.. series (especially Abyss 3DS) I also enjoy anime and manga and would highly recommend: 1.Gintama 2. Attack on Titan 3. Death Note/One Piece 4. Folktales From Japan

Fri 24th Jan 2014

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gemstone commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

I am absolutely devastated by this news. I'm not joking either. I live in the UK and I've been waiting years for this, and been trying to spread the word a little by going on youtube and telling other gamers about how great Rune Factory 3 is, because it is!, it has it all, and even with all the new 3DS games I have like New Leaf, Rune Factory 3 is still my favourite. The trouble is Rune Factory 1 for DS was poor by comparison. I literally bought my Wii for Rune Factory Frontier too, I love that beautifully animated world, full of nature and nice people that you get to experience. I honestly cannot believe people play the SIMS when this is available, I guess they just don't know about it.. or people in the west just seem to enjoy the spoiled life of buying pointlessly expensive clothing and "bling" (ugghhh...) and it never ceases to amaze me that soap dramas are so popular when all they do is argue and cheat on each other.. I wish I lived in Japan so much now..I could go on a huge list about why but nevermind.. I'm just depressed by this news!
I guess people of the future are happy buying there 5minute Apple games now instead of anything of quality. The way things are going 40hour games will be a thing of the past, and everything will be "pick up n throw away". For example, the animation of this game is beautiful, a lot of effort has gone into it and yet people of the West often dismiss anything cute as being "for children" which leaves ugly lazy shows like Family Guy to take over because everyone's too embarrassed to admit they like these beautiful drawings, for fear of sounding "soft" these days etc. and these behaviours run things down!! Be honest, stand tall and say that "Anything with a good storyline, is for anyone of any age" this is the key to happiness, and is the honest answer.