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Wed 12th September, 2012

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gefflt commented on Five Wii U Sequels We Need on the Nintendo NX:

I wholeheartedly agree about the need for a new Metroid Prime game and Pikmin 4, so I'll stick to others that weren't mentioned:

Super Mario Sunshine 2
Donkey Kong Country 2 Returns
Pokémon Snap 2
Little King's Story 2
EarthBound 3



gefflt commented on Super Mario Maker Will Allow You to Unlock ami...:

@VeeFlamesNL I'm wondering about that too.

I'm guessing the possibility of unlocking these suits will prompt players to try hitting all ? blocks (despite them being mostly filled with enemies - I suppose).

Does anyone know if we'll be able to make water currents?



gefflt commented on Video: We Deduce That The Great Ace Attorney i...:

What gesture is he supposed to be doing 14 seconds in? It looks like he's saluting... you know.

I'm enjoying playing through Ace Attorney Trilogy at the moment but this recent trend of games taking place in London is starting to get old (Professor Layton, Code S.T.E.A.M., Phoenix Wright, etc.).



gefflt commented on Gallery: Nintendo Celebrates Women's History M...:

Good idea and decent execution but (devil's advocate here) it only highlights the fact that many of Nintendo's female characters are still very much representations of gender-specific stereotypes; two of them are pink, three are wearing either a skirt or a dress, etc. Oh, and they're all caucasian. : /



gefflt commented on Gallery: This Custom Mario Party N64 is a Sigh...:

@AshFoxX Thanks! Calling the car mechanic from Mario Party 9 the "classic mode" seems purposely misleading!?

And yes, I also think having the option of playing game boards in the true "classic mode" (everyone moves independtly) or in one moving car would be the best/most logical option.



gefflt commented on Gallery: This Custom Mario Party N64 is a Sigh...:

@Josaku I'm pretty sure Mario Party 10 does feature the "classic mode" where everyone can move independently from one another. Currently, only one board uses the same play style as Mario Party 9 (where everyone moves together in a car), this time while trying to escape Bowser.



gefflt commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

Haven't played the game (still debating) but what from what I've read, the Yoshi Star does not sound like a new addition as it did the exact same thing in Yoshi's Island DS...



gefflt commented on Nintendo Confirms Rambi's Return in Donkey Kon...:

That's great news! ...but a bit predictable.

What we need is the return of Enguarde, Squitter, Rattly and Squawks (as an animal buddy, not an item). These 4 animal buddies, along with Rambi, all have radically different controls and would add a lot more to the game, just like they did back in the original series.



gefflt commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

The author says "Zelda is represented as an imposing warrior. But, as Sarkeesian points out, she is only able to achieve this disguised as a man".

Well, if you're going to go there, let's point out that Link accomplishes absolutely everything in this game while wearing (what strongly looks like) a skirt. With that in mind, the entire "sexist" section of the author's argument crumbles.

All other arguments can be discarded pretty easily too but I'll leave that fun task to other!



gefflt commented on Video: Dixie Kong Struts Her Stuff in This New...:

Donkey Kong Country Returns was great but THIS is the game I was waiting for.

Not only does it looks stunning but the level design seems clever and the game looks fun in general. Plus... David Wise is back!