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United States

Mon 12th Dec 2011

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gamest commented on Neo Geo CMVS Gets Ebony Wood:

This could have been exciting.

Several buzkillers:

A: $649. Seriously?

B: Try visiting their website and contacting them. If you're using FireFox, you might not see the "Contact Us" form at all.

C: A 60-day warranty? That's it? Do they have so little faith in their expensive product that they're not willing to guarantee its performance for more than 60 days? For me, right there, that is a deal-killer.

D: You have to buy a special, custom cable if you want the machine to output component video. Component video is an industry standard. We shouldn't need to fork over even more money to connect this thing via component cable. Weak.

$150 with a one-year warranty, and I'm there. And I'd be excited to buy it at that price. But this deal is no deal at all.