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Wed 23rd December, 2009

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Gameday commented on Play: Mario Kart Wii With Nintendo Life on Twi...:

Wow why dont i ever catch you guys when you do these things. Either way ive been stacking up on Fairwell Mario Kart Online Videos. Hope you guys do this stuff again NL Staff Etc. I'll add you next time im on indeed. Here's my code otherwise.

5072 3984 7597 Kart Code



Gameday commented on New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Supe...:

The Glory part i have a prob with due to the fact you'll be on a stale over used level. It was great in melee and brawl but now its the only one ? Make some new neutral levels man.. Then they don't record your loses on just for fun ? So there are no custom matches for friends where you don't have the limits of the previous game ? What about saving matches was that mention if so i didn't see it. I like that feature but once again not the limit stuff... That was a big let down.



Gameday commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

Yea i remember going into random match online with max people and the other 2 just sitting there watching but soon as i start winning they all attack me. I think i have it saved somewhere.. That and people not attacking their friends as if we were playing teams...



Gameday commented on Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufa...:

I actually love my cc pro controllers. Got the box set with Monster Hunter Tri 3 Black CC Pro & Goldeneye 007 Wii Golden CC Pro. I love em and i hate when games dont use them like DK Tropical Freeze Used every remote but it... Still great for VC games and some wii games though.



Gameday commented on Shaq Fu Reboot Developers Considering Console ...:

Wtfuu lol when i played this on sega back in the day i remember it clearly was hard pull off certain moves it had such a feel to it though... Characters and surroundings, looking at that image on here though doesnt look to be anything like the original.



Gameday commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Moo Moo Meadows that upgrade looked amazing needless to say the new Rainbow Road is excellent too. Im hyped day one my friends day one ~ Like the new Piranha Plant item looks like it will be very useful.



Gameday commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

Actually excited for all these games they all seem so promising. Definitely looking for that bayonetta 2 though. Monolith is second for me, Kart and Smash are Automatic :) so i wont even try to compare them to any other games in that line up. What is this project cars im interested to say the least.



Gameday commented on Miiverse Browser Version Has a Minor Update:

Thats great and all but they need to address this 112-1007 error code that pops up everywhere when using the wii u browser im tired of reloading pages just hoping it fixes itself magically..



Gameday commented on Wii Sports Club Free Trial Swings Into Play in...:

Only game i didnt have was Tennis and really ive been missing out this is the best game on the wii sports club so far. Oregon Club FTW

You guys are missing out if you dont take advantage of this free weekend play online ~



Gameday commented on Monster Hunter is Ten Years Old Today:

You will see me on all future Monster Hunter Games in the series, first time was on Monster Hunter Tri 3 so sad i never adapted to it sooner. Never owned anything on psn so now its time to make up and represent keep em coming Capcom ~

The owner of that video i give many praise too as well !



Gameday commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

Where is the Mens club then ??? Or are they basically buying into the fact that generally gaming has been "mostly" appealing to the male gender throughout the past couple of decades ? It sounds kinda sexist maybe ? No guys allowed they said ha.



Gameday commented on Ittle Dew:

This looks fun like that little beat hope it stays in the game through out ~



Gameday commented on Video: Persona Q Website Unveils Two More Char...:

Only persona game i ever played is persona 4 ps2. Im actually playing through it right now. Check out the anime for it too pretty exciting. So if this game is like so id be happy. I see that King Foe has returned lol

P.S I need to get a 3DS



Gameday commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

Ha, how can they just straight out say they have no comment at this time.. Its your product and people lose faith as you lose backing. If suppliers are taking it down that is something you'd want to definitely want to clear up fast id think.?



Gameday commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

Is this even worth being called an update, nothing new here really... The fact that the continuous play never made it in the first place is be on me... It gets so old quick when your comfy then your episode ends and you have to reach around for a pad not even the wii remote... Shhh i use to use the wii mote on wii nexflix app underneath my blanket without even aiming it. I mean seriously if no one can spot the difference in the update when i seen what they did on my xbox360 months ago then.. really thats kind of lame my friends ~



Gameday commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

@WaveBoy Wave my friend i like your style, people aren't diverse enough with gaming these days and you can really tell what generation they come from "mostly". The same people that grew up actually playing these colorful games or owned an NES etc seem to of gotten caught up in the hype... There's never been anything wrong with playing a vivid game.

Lol you had me rolling with that brown and grey scaling that most of those realistic cgi cut-scene games are bringing to the table, because sadly enough i know too many like so.. I also enjoy all types of games so its pretty sad to hear anyone claiming to be a gamer that would disregard any form of games period ~



Gameday commented on Luigi Actor Danny Wells Takes The Great Warp P...:

Whoa , is it a sign that i just watched this on netflix like a week ago ? I use to watch this as a kid back in the day btw does anyone remember the fruit/soft drinks they use to have for mario bros ? That stuff was awesome no joke.

Anyhow that really sad to hear indeed , R.I.P 72 is a great age to go out on.
I need to look him up to see if he starred in anything else i didnt know about ~
Year of Luigi



Gameday commented on Video: Nintendo Teases Footage Of Wii Sports C...:

I was waiting for golf , i think people are going to find ways to cheat hard in baseball lag etc... If only you were allow to talk in these games it would be awesome. Hopefully when it comes to boxing everything is up to par with the syncing and reading of the punches specially since this is online.



Gameday commented on How To Survive Developer Points Out Reason For...:

Its 2013-14 if a game screams online multiplayer and/or was on another system but yet they cut it out of Wii U version... I find it lazy to be honest don't push the game with excuses. The system is more than powerful enough and it seems these developers aren't up to challenge for the Wii U pad itself... Also i might add whats going to happen with the new gens for the developers ? Are they going to make excuses for certain gameplay on those newly acquired specs / system hardware also ~