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Wed 23rd December, 2009

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Gameday commented on E3 2014: Mario Party 10 Subtly Announced for W...:

Seriuosly... No online again ??? WOW you know what im not buying this game. I don't know anyone around my way that even likes Mario Party as much as me so that's a big fail in my book. I'm an adult i don't be having these little get together for games anymore, more so cause i moved out of state from where the original fellas that would run this stuff with me. The fact that they didn't mention online at all is more than aggravating for me.



Gameday commented on Wii U System Update 5.0.0 Now Live, Adds Quick...:

@SetupDisk Yes...God Yes ! See they think everyone is constantly checking the miiverse and i get calls and messages on there i dont even see cause im into what ever im using or doing on the wii u. The pad isnt always in my hand they just need to make it pop up on tv screen or at least some kinda rumble or message note in the corner idk something more than having to hit the home button as much as i do just to tell. Anyhow im getting this update as i type.

MK8 is awesome you guys need to hurry up and jump on it ~



Gameday commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

Lovely game. Wish they had straight forward recap of the game but this is just as nice. Cant upload more than 60secs to youtube but if you have a recorder and missed your chance now you can go back about 10 matches youve played. Have no clue how long it stays saved but there are only to pages for your most recent. Check out what i mean with the playback i left it out of full screen so you could see that its in MKTV mode overall.



Gameday commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

@TheWhiteFalcon I was the same way but i loved it.
Im abit jealous that we only get 4 but hey its a free game overall. Ill be taking Windwaker HD since i never played through it. I ran through Pikmin 3 , NSMBU , Never Touched Wii Party U but seemed interesting enough also ima big Mario Party Fan since day one so once they make an online installment its over !



Gameday commented on Nintendo Direct: Special Mario Kart 8 Direct S...:

I feel like they need one more item or something. The roaster is in the mario kart realm over all still seems too plain in a sense ? Nice demonstration on how the karts and bikes are faster depending on the level. Love the option to host your own lobby tourney and they got another Mario Kart Channel for replays and upload to youtube man they did it proper this time. What was that voice chat stuff in the lobby with friends too bad thats the only time you can talk i guess ? Either way im on it day one , NL i know your gonna host a lobby as well this time ill be looking out !



Gameday commented on Play: Mario Kart Wii With Nintendo Life on Twi...:

Wow why dont i ever catch you guys when you do these things. Either way ive been stacking up on Fairwell Mario Kart Online Videos. Hope you guys do this stuff again NL Staff Etc. I'll add you next time im on indeed. Here's my code otherwise.

5072 3984 7597 Kart Code



Gameday commented on New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Supe...:

The Glory part i have a prob with due to the fact you'll be on a stale over used level. It was great in melee and brawl but now its the only one ? Make some new neutral levels man.. Then they don't record your loses on just for fun ? So there are no custom matches for friends where you don't have the limits of the previous game ? What about saving matches was that mention if so i didn't see it. I like that feature but once again not the limit stuff... That was a big let down.



Gameday commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

Yea i remember going into random match online with max people and the other 2 just sitting there watching but soon as i start winning they all attack me. I think i have it saved somewhere.. That and people not attacking their friends as if we were playing teams...



Gameday commented on Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufa...:

I actually love my cc pro controllers. Got the box set with Monster Hunter Tri 3 Black CC Pro & Goldeneye 007 Wii Golden CC Pro. I love em and i hate when games dont use them like DK Tropical Freeze Used every remote but it... Still great for VC games and some wii games though.



Gameday commented on Shaq Fu Reboot Developers Considering Console ...:

Wtfuu lol when i played this on sega back in the day i remember it clearly was hard pull off certain moves it had such a feel to it though... Characters and surroundings, looking at that image on here though doesnt look to be anything like the original.



Gameday commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Moo Moo Meadows that upgrade looked amazing needless to say the new Rainbow Road is excellent too. Im hyped day one my friends day one ~ Like the new Piranha Plant item looks like it will be very useful.