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Wed 29th Feb 2012

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gabriev commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

@48 you hit the nail right on the head, but I'm going to expand that a little bit. Everyone notices the current recession in progress and its not getting any better because of this digital war, frankly the only people that are going to forever have jobs are the food industry

Look at the loss of borders, those that worked there were forced to resturants and such due to amazon and e-books

Now amazon ships movies

Sunco sold movies, with netflix and ammazon those people went to resturants

Gamestop if those people loose their jobs they go to resturants

Those items made have to be shiped if its all digital no need for all the drivers, they go to resturants for jobs

Those that manufactor those products loose thief jobs

Entire malls are closing down because digital is "easier". And everyone is bum rushing the food industry looking for what they feel is a garonteed job... Because everyone has to eat right?

The problem is If you have a major influx of jobs all swarming the food industry but no one can afford to live off one table at a tip of 2 dollars, you will resort to theft inside the food buisness be it in money or food for your family
Guess what they Loose jobs

goverment will start to fall because they run out of money because they can't tax digital and they can't tax componys that are now out of buisness and closed down be it media, wherehouse, gaming, and food and they have to support the welfare on top of that

So now gaming componys are not making but 3 bucks on digital games cause the low class people are broke, they go out of buisness.

And don't think its not happining cause it is. And everything started crumbling 8-10 years ago, with eBay and ammazon

Nothing and I mean nothing but information and comunication should be put on the internet, no games no distribution companys, no music, no movies let the internet be just for information. Make people go out into the world and work these jobs for a living to support there family and recreation screw the digital world for comfort and ease, lazy basturds I hope you loose your house cause you can't find a job in this crouded world.