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Mon 13th October, 2008

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Fuzzy commented on Nintendo Tested Two Other Zelda Titles in HD o...:

Have always wanted to play Twilight Princess without waggle (GC version was hard/expensive to track down), so I would love to see TP released on the WiiU store.

Want to play through it again, just not on the Wii.



Fuzzy commented on Cliff Bleszinski Sees A Future Where Nintendo ...:

Doesn't sound like he's hating on Nintendo, just saying that Nintendo just developing software may be a possibility that N would have to think about in the future.

A lot of defensive, unwarranted hate for one guy IMO.



Fuzzy commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo DS Lite:

"is easier than falling off a log." Ha, never heard of that saying before.

Anyway, I bought a DS quite late in either '09 or '10, but quickly amassed a good collection of games (both DS and GBA, which I had never played before then). I think I liked the DSi more, but the DS Lite was an impressive handheld.



Fuzzy commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online Play Will Be ...:

So annoying, but not surprising. Would have been good to have one big thread on here where everybody could get involved.

Why do some people here always assume that another region purely means another language?



Fuzzy commented on Monster Hunter Tri Servers To Be Shutdown At t...:

Should have one last hurrah with my character.

Would be nice if they were allowed to have an update where you're allowed to play the online content in single player once the servers shut down. Would be a nice challenge.