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United Kingdom

Tue 17th Sep 2013

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furbian commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

This is my first visit to this site, I stumbled here because I was trying to identify what region my 3DS is. The article is focused on imports only and assumes that one, like most people, lives in one country, and rarely travels abroad for more than a month with their family.

I have found Nintendo's 'region' locking a nightmare, and it directly lead my family invest in a PSP and a PS Vita. A relative bought my children a 3DS when we were visiting the UAE, it's a PAL region and there are a lot of British ex-pats in Dubai. However not only did we find (luckily before we made a purchase, opened software is nigh on impossible to rerun in the UK) that it didn't run British games when we returned home, it turns out Nintendo in their insanity have devised their own weird regions, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been lumped with NTSC nations of North and South America. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are PAL nations, so no idea why they did this.

So when visiting my relatives as I do a few times a year, the children like to share their games, not with Nintendo's weird anti-global vision they wont. We can't even give each other games as presents, as they won't work on each others 3DS's. Hence enter the PS Vita, a few were purchased, and the whole sharing and giving goes on as before, unhindered. On my last trip I was given another 'Official UAE' region 3DS, as my relative's children just didn't want it any more. Neither did mine, so as with the one before it, I just put it on eBay and sold it. Considering that we still have four Nintendo DS's in the household, we would have all upgraded to the 3DS, if it wasn't for their region locking.