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Re: Soapbox: The Super Mario Movie Might Not Be All That Great


I honestly can’t believe people would accuse MARIO of being one dimensional. He plays multiple sports. He refs boxing matches, cures patients, teaches people to type, drives a heck of a go-kart...

One dimensional? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

All joking aside, this is a have to of a movie. Nintendo needs to get Mario out there, and if it gets me one step closer to a Zelda or Metroid series, I’ll support it.

Re: Check Out All These New Discounts on My Nintendo in North America


I’m one of the biggest Nintendo apologists, but My Nintendo is not even close to even the North American version of Club Nintendo.

By the time they get around to discounting these titles, most Nintendo fans own them. The only game I’ve picked up was Zelda Picross. For the most part, my points have either expired or been used for Wallpapers and 3DS themes.

So, the only thing I have from My Nintendo is a real nice dynamic screensaver for my computer.

Re: Nintendo Releases Stunning Third Quarter Financial Results, Confirms Switch Sales Have Overtaken Wii U


There seems to be a sentiment that Nintendo will begin to see a drop if they do not announce a new AAA first party title in the next few weeks. While this would be great, I don't think that it is the end of the world if they don't.

Labo should give them a boost in the Spring. Bayonetta is February. I think Kirby will do okay. Remember, in the past, full Kirby games have been released at the end of the life cycle of a console or handheld. It has a little better positioning this time.

The above mentioned coupled with the fact that developers are seeing better results on Switch than Microsoft and Sony should kep Nintendo in a pretty nice spot until at least E3. Now, they need to have a plan in place for E3, and I imagine they know that at this point.

Of course if they announce a full on this generation Pokemon game, they are good for this year and mos likely next, but I just don't think that will happen.

Re: Nintendo Will Freely Provide Cardboard Design Patterns For Labo


This isn’t just for gaming purposes. Nintendo should playing to the STEAM initiative in schools. I see a lot of application for his.

Coupled with the FUZE update, Nintendo is really setting itself up for education. At least, that is my excuse for buying another Switch. 😁

In all seriousness, the thing I’m most looking forward to with Labo is seeing what the community does with it.

Re: Nintendo Direct Mini Is Happening Right Now


It sounds as though some people are disappointed with the Mini Direct. The blame falls squarely on our own shoulders. We hear a Direct is coming and immediately Decide it has to be about everything we want.

This was a January Direct. There was little chance we were going to see anything from Prime 4 or Pokémon. We were never going to see a big surprise first party games.

These Directs have always covered the first half of the year. Plus, we need to remember that the vast majority of people on this site have played Tropical Freeze, but the vast majority of everyone else hasn’t.

With that said, I think it is pretty clear you can say goodbye to the 3DS. You were a great system, and I will be playing you for years to come, just not anything new.

Re: My Nintendo in North America Adds Free Games to its Gold Rewards


MyNintendo is still my major disappoint for Nintendo as a company. They have yet to give fans anything worthy of purchasing. In the meantime, I keep losing coins every month because there is nothing to spend them on.

I have every 3DS theme and Nintendo wallpaper. The stupid coming soon has been stuck on the Switch for over six months.

Re: Review: Arcade Archives Mario Bros. (Switch eShop)


I know Mario is the company mascot, but if they could have found a way, DK should have been the first release. There have been movies made about that game.

I agree with others on here. The pricing is way too high for this. This seems like nothing better than $5. The only one I'm looking to get of these that have been announced is Punch-Out!!

Re: It Seems Like Telltale Games Has Ambitious Plans For Nintendo Switch


I hear what everyone is saying about the overuse of licensed product, but that is what sells for them. It's the same reason we get fewer new IPs from big delevopers.

It's just easier to go with the licensed product or the next Halo, Mario, Tomb Raider, etc. I would love to see Sam and Max or a new Strong Bad, but I'm afraid we will be in for a long wait.

However, with the success of Mario+Rabbids, Nintendo may let Them play in their universe. I'd take a straight up Metroid, Starfox, or a combination of both.

Re: Metroid: Samus Returns Makes Modest Chart Debut in Japan, as Switch Still Dominates


I think some are making way too much over this. Japan doesn't support Metroid games. It just isn't their thing.

Look at Splatoon 2 up against Breath of the Wild. It has sold almost twice as much. I don't think that translates across all regions.

Grant it, this is quite a bit less than the numbers of those two particular titles. However, we are obviously in the final stages of the 3DS lifecycle. It's not the newest shiniest thing.

I think there has already been reports that Samus Returns has done pretty good in other regions.

Re: Gallery: Fan Concept Shows How the Nintendo Switch Online App Could Actually Be Good


I have to think that there is still a long way to go with this app. I think very much like the Switch itself, this was released in an early access phase.

I would be very surprised if by this time next year the interface to the Switch and online looked the same. With that said, I understand the concerns of a good portion of people out there who've felt burned by Nintendo before.

I guess this is a long way of saying I am going to take a wait and see approach.

Re: Epic Mickey Was One Of The High Points Of My Career, Says Warren Spector


I enjoyed The first Epic Mickey. I also liked the handheld quite a bit. I started the s cond one, but I couldn't get into it. I need to go back and revisit it.

I wish we could get more from this series. I'm extremely disappointed with Disney Interactive. They really do not have any idea how to run things. With this and the Disney Infinity gaffe, I'll have a tough time trusting anything from Disney's video game group.

I think both series should have continued, but that's life I suppose.

Re: Oddworld Creator Lorne Lanning "Has No Faith" In Switch


You needn't go any further than doing a search on Lorne to realize he is somewhat of a shock jock. He spouts out things like this. He's accused Microsoft and EA of basically the same things. He even accused capitalism of killing the game industry.

Some things he says may have merit. Other things may not. It was a poor choice of words, and while it is hard to judge intent, he knew what he was saying. He was looking for a reaction.

Re: Oddworld Creator Lorne Lanning "Has No Faith" In Switch


He loses a lot of credibility by not admitting sour grapes. His statement oozes contempt. He obviously feels wronged in a major way.

His statement isn't without some merit. However, the blame doesn't fall solely on Nintendo. I think it can be shared with the developer.

His last game was very late to the game on the Wii U. It had been on every other system. It's safe to say At the very least anyone who owned the Wii U most likely owned an Xbox or PlayStation as well.

While Nintendo could do a better job of promoting third parties on their own site, these developers need to commit to publishing something the is unique to the Nintendo system. Until that happens, he is correct in the fact third party support will be weak.

Re: It's "A Bit Sad" That Switch Isn't More Powerful, Says THQ Nordic


Ultimately, this mentality is the reason that third parties do not perform well on Nintendo consoles. I don't say this to belittle them. I understand where they are coming from, but I understand Nintendo as well.

A third party is just looking to port games to their system. I am sure it is frustrating to companies like THQ, Activison, etc. for Nintendo being behind technologically. Many of these companies do not have the resources to allocate a team to do a game specifically designed for the Switch.

Nintendo on the other hand knows that consumers are not going to buy a AAA rated title from a third party on their system. It's just not going to happen (see the Gamecube). Therefore, they play to their strengths which is developing a unique system.

There really is no answer to this problem. It is just a frustration to both sides involved that is not at all likely to remedy itself. I expect Nintendo will need to continue to pump out first party titles to insure that the Switch has quality games frequently. Hopefully, the third party and independent firms can fill gaps as they present themselves.

Re: Extra Nintendo Switch Stock Drives Game Sales in UK, as Ever Oasis Struggles on Debut


Ever Oasis was going to have a tough go of it from the beginning. RPGs on the 3DS have been plentiful. Think of the hours players still have to put into some of the latest titles.

It seems that some thought should have went into putting EO on the Switch. Most people are slowing down on BotW. Arms is a fighting game so it wouldn't have competed. I just think it was a bad decision to go with the 3DS.

I know that development had begun on the 3DS, and it is difficult to change in the middle, but in the end, it probably would have found a longer life on Switch.

Re: Random: Atari Is Working On Its First Home Console Since The Ill-Fated Jaguar


I am dating myself, but my first intro to the gaming world centered on the 2600. I remember we first received the 5200, but their controller had issues so it was taken back for the 2600.

While the 2600 introduced me to video games, it didn't really mesmerize me the way the NES did, but there were still some gems I really enjoyed. Jungle Hunt, Empire Strikes Back, and Pitfall to name a few.

I will approach this with guarded optimism, I guess. I am really going to need to see what the go-to-market strategy is though.

Re: My Nintendo Just Got Another Update in North America


My Nintendo Rewards is so incredibly disappointing. If you are a fan of Nintendo, they give you nothing new. I have all of the wallpapers, videos, etc. I lose coins every month. Last month was the first month I actually lost gold coins. It is a little irritating.

Re: Reggie Fils-Aime Discusses NES Mini Demand and Apologises to Those That Missed Out


The more this drags on the more I think the NES Classic was a stop gap for the Wii U short fall. The Switch wasn't ready for the holidays. Nintendo needed something so they manufactured this.

It is the only way you can explain not making anymore. They were making a huge profit on this, I imagine.

If what he says is true, I can't imagine there will be an SNES Classic. You know, got to think about the future.

Re: Poll: What Do You Think of the New Nintendo 2DS XL?


I don't think that they should waste resources on this product. I'm not talking about the helardware either. At some point, it would be in Nintendo's best interest to focus on a single system.

We talk about lack of software for Wii U. What if the 3DS and Wii U would have been one and the same? You would have had a great gaming at least a couple of times a quarter.

Ultimately, I think the Switch is going to run into the same problem the Wii U had. Let's just hope it is popular enough for some third parties to pick up the slack.

Re: New Nintendo 2DS XL Announced, Releases 28th July


This is not the road Nintendo should be going down. They discontinue the NES Classic to give us yet another device in the 3DS family.

It seems now they will continue to split the resources among two platforms. I'm really disappointed at this. They do not seem to learn.

Re: Stardock CEO Says Nintendo Switch Doesn't Need Third Party Support To Succeed


The Switch is doing a solid job of leveling the playing field because of its portability. I have listened to plenty of podcasts with people who have two systems saying they wished they could take that Xbox or PlayStation game with them. That is a huge difference over past Nintendo hardware.

The rub though comes back to the hardware, and I think there is plenty of blame to go around.

Nintendo makes amazing first party software. It can be intimidating to third parties, and Nintendo hasn't always been the best partner.

Likewise, third parties very rarely have brought their 'A' game. They have relied on past generation ports or mediocre games. Why would anyone support that?

Does the Switch need third parties? For breakout success, the answer would be no. It can enjoy success and profit with just third parties though.

Re: Review: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)


I'm torn on this. Mario Kart 8 was my favorite Wii U game. I find it hard to pay full price for a game with only one more additional mode. After all, considering I paid full price the first time and bought the DLC, I have a lot invested in the game.

I don't doubt that it will be amazing to have a good number of people to race against online. I just don't know if will buy it.