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Re: Splatoon 2 To Receive 'Starter Edition' With Extra Goodies Thrown In Free Of Charge


Kind of a bummer that Nintendo keeps releasing these games with special content, & day 1 adopters get burned. That Zelda special edition, the Mariokart deluxe steel book, splatoon 2, etc.
Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to do, and cool for people that don’t have it, but it makes me not want to get these games on day 1 since another version might release a few months later.

Re: Site News: A Fond Farewell from Nintendo Life Editor, Thomas Whitehead



Thank you so much for all that you’ve done here on the site, and for the gaming community in general. Of all those that write on here (many amazing, talented people!) you are my favorite. I speak for many others when I say that you have helped rekindle love for Nintendo in a lot of people, and for that we are greatful. Good luck with whatever comes your way, and don’t be a stranger.


Re: Review: Golf Story (Switch eShop)


So far I’m really enjoying this game. I almost always play switch in docked mode, but this seems like a great portable experience. If you like arcade golf or old school rpgs, check this out!

Re: NES Mini Also Discontinued in Australia


I still play NES games on a RGB modded console, so I'll be set but in all honesty, the mini is a neat product that let consumers play 30 games from their childhood with little hassle (besides the shortest cords known to man) & it was a way to show some of these games to a newer generation (original hardware is expensive). It just doesn't make sense to discontinue this. I get the VC argument, but they should've done one more wave.