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Thu 29th Aug 2013

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floccipocci commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

Well... some comments from the (japanese) manufacturing sector.

1) Adding more holes equals more cost for the molding.

  • Also leads to lower life for the mold. That means making less runs per mold. A simple mold can cost a few thousand dollars. So now need to make more molds

2) Putting option to use widescreen or small screen makes for a new firmware. This might be a problem more especially when trying to run a it on one digital display.
3) Having on/off button dual function also is a programming problem.

2) and 3) means 2DS will have separate firmware.

4) Design of sleep switch can electronically emulate a closed DS. Closed DS actually is a magnetic switch. Simple latching TTL logic.

Summary: Design is OK. But it has more cost and requires more new programming (which means more cost) and maintenance for extra firmware (which means more cost).

The cost vs target audience is not good.