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Sat 8th Jun 2013

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firestingray commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

"Cinematic" is a word I do not want describing a game that has great storytelling. I've not played 'The Last of Us' but if the story is presented anything like the Uncharted games then I'm not interested. In those games there's shooting bits and then there's the movie bits. There is nothing interesting about separating gameplay and story the way the Uncharted games do.

While the actual plot may be simplistic, the Metroid Prime series is a much better example on how to present stories in games. The entire game revolves around the idea of exploring to solve puzzles and obtain upgrades. So it's rather brilliant that Metroid Prime uses that exact mechanic to tell it's story.

Another exemplary game in terms of storytelling is 999 (and it's sequel). 999 is an adventure game or visual novel. Players read large amounts of text, make dialog choices and solve 'escape the room' puzzles. At first it may seem like the story bits and game bits are separated (much like how I criticized Uncharted for doing), but as you go further you'll see how the opposite proves to be true. Though the actual gameplay is limited, it is absolutely crucial to the story and plot. Without giving away, I'll just say 999's story can only be told through video games.

Basically, games should avoid relying on movie conventions to tell their stories. They should focus on presenting their stories in a way that organically comes from, or compliments the game mechanics.