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Re: Feature: The 26 Best Nintendo Game Boy Games Of All Time


Great listing, great job showing what a Game Boy was back in the day.... O0oooh, waaait!
There are so many presented in this video right now to be played by the 3DS V.C.!!!!!! (If you fancy to leave your Switch out and dust off your 3DS) - Something you could have mentioned on the video!

This efature also reminds me of why I felt in love with N.L., back when the 3DS was steameing with Game Boy releases, this very site was giving us the love on lovely reviews of these V.C. tittles. Nice times 6-5-4 years ago ^^

Well, not that my 3DS is dusty, but thank you for making me considering new additions to my V.C. library

PS: Why there aren't any Game & Watch Gallery games on this list? Maybe because they are a kind of port? But thet were brimming with news graphics, content and gameplay twists - also, they brought to the GB the first generation of Nintendo portability.

Re: King Of Fighters '96 To Flex Its ACA Neo Geo Muscles on Switch


We now declare the opening ou special team tournament



Ohhh, back in the day I was just astonished by the game that made me into KOF series to never forget it...

The artwork, the music, the gameplay, all aged well (in a thrown back sense) and it was the best an old-school game could offer - and still is, IMO, the standard when we think about pixel art and other old-school things.

Re: Art of Fighting 3 Is Your Next HAMSTER ACA Release on Switch


Ooooh that bass line on the Qixotec Temple! <3
Love this rocky jazzy music! One of my favorite Neo Geo OST!

This game was a sound & vision delight at that time. The fighting system was also interesting with some new mechanics like the Ultimate K.O and simple combos execution. But I have felt it was somewhat clunky, like the gameplay state in first 2 AoF games, and in the end it didn't come to its full potential, while KoF was rocking with its flashy flow and aggressive combos. But it is still a good game, this AoF3, if you are a 90s fighting games aficionado!

Re: First Three Dragon Quest Titles Heading to the 3DS in Japan


We get so bored expecting such big and historical releases that when we give up thinking about, it just happens!
So...What took it so long?
The answer may be the "it is time"!

Actually, IMO, the videogame companies are more clever in profiting their biggest franchises nowadays, so when there is a new release, we may see the classics games coming back - as a marketing, as finally satisfying the fans and promoting their franchises in all its past and present glory.

Anyway, I am really happy to see such surprises on 3DS!
Hope we may see these on the west side. But I'm not being generally optimistic about it, since DQ not always comes to these parts of the world.

Re: Bask in Nostalgia With Sonic Mania Special and Bonus Stage Footage


It has all the best influences form the 90's classic Sonic (and since the CD is one of my favorite, I really love the homage it pays in art and music) plus some new design and visual choices that makes it something never seen before.

In the end, for those like me who lived the 32bit days, it feels much like a never released - that should be released back in the day - Sega Saturn Sonic masterpiece!

Nostalgia here is getting higher than the hype!

Re: Rumour: Wii U System Update Hints That Miiverse Is Coming To An End Soon


A completely shame! I'm still loving and using Miiverse on 3DS. It brings back such good memories of videogaming discussions, passion and lots of helps and hints from another players, something reminiscent of my childhood - only virtual this time.
And this community seems so eager to put an end on WiiU/3DS era! I could not disagree more! While the WiiU was ill fated and mostly dead (execept on Miiverse were people still play passionately) the 3DS still lives on and I advocate that it may still live! So we need Miiverse to share our passion!

Re: Reggie Fils-Aimé Defends Nintendo's Indie Support and AM2R Policy


In a corporate IP protection standpoint, the AM2R takedown is acceptable. But all these Reggie blabling that almost seems like an ethical matter an how possibly they are harmed or offended is just not convincing!
Nice try his speech, but we know a big company like Nintendo doesn't want to jeopardize their profits and they will never assume it out loud in public.
So let their lawyers do the talking to those anxious fans who made their own game about the franchises they love so much.

PS: I have, actually, bought Metorid 2 on eshop after playing the AM2R! Yep, the remake made me be convinced there was something worthy there, which is its good foundations on gameplay, so I tried the original one too! And would still buy this game if it was a official Nintendo release! And all the same I will do with the Samus Returns remake! Because I love the Metroid franchise and may support it anyway I can, be as an official release or in a fan made project.

Re: Sonic The Hedgehog Turns 26 Today


Happy b-day blue blur! o///
Still my standart on action platforming, something that Sega was a master at designing in the past!

Personal favorite: Sonic CD!
My heart could not resist the lush production values plus the classic Sonic gameplay! So much colors, so much stages, so much musics (japanese OST is still on my Spotify playlist) and some animations that made a 90's child still marvel at and still speedy, exhilarating!!!!

May Sonic Mania quench our thirst! o////

PS: although I must admit all the bosses on CD are pretty lame, the lamest of Sonic history, indeed)

Re: Sonic The Hedgehog Turns 26 Today


@LuckyLand Agreed about the lack of level select feature! But.. /oh wait! There is at least a level select cheat at those classic Sonic games (no saving progress on 1 and 2 indeed) and Sonic CD has a time attack for all stages.

Re: Mighty No. 9 Dev Comcept Acquired By Level-5, 3DS Version Is Still Coming


Woah! Now the M9 is a candidate for being a 3DS sawn song? - just kidding
Just saying that crazy things happens when Inafune is envolved in a game production. Everybody lost interest on M9 shortly after its tumultuous release for a game that essentialy did not deliver what gamers wanted, nor what was promised by the KS campaign marketing.
Then all was quiet about the 3DS port (or version) and I thouth it was silently dead and no one was crying at all, except the backers.
Now Level-5 acquires Comcept and we see some news about Beck an his fellas on 3DS!
Well, I hope this move is for the better. I'm optimist to see big games coming out of this new studio, would love to see L5 charm and talent on a godd, old-school platform in the future!

Re: Metroid: Samus Returns Resurrects Game Boy Classic "In A Completely New Way", Says MercurySteam


Yep, it was a respectful matter for 3DS owners to release this game on the portable. As a 5 year old 3DS owner, I have been expecting a new and traditional Metroid game for a looooong time, so much as many other fans.
Do you all remember the speculations and rumors about a Metroid game on 3DS along all these years? I have always been hyped when reading them!
Gladly Nintendo finally revealed it, even it is on the 3DS twilight. Because I still own it, always will own it and love to play something new on it, specially a Metroid remake! ^^

PS: Also I am very happy with the Mario & Luigi remake! Nintendo promised and is delivering the attention they have announced for the 3DS! We rarely see a 1st party bigger franchises in a console final moment.

Re: 505 Games Unleashes New Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night E3 2017 Trailer


I like what my ears listen to in this trailer. Not the same can be told about what I see. Unfortunately!
But it is still a work in progress. Maybe there is still way too much work to shape up a fine game. And a fine metroidvania is always a worthy game to play!
Just have my wishes on these Kickstarter trailers, pre release and during production, were a little more engaging - like a trailer should be to convince us - and way more visually appealing - like inducing the gamer to buy it because it is something really pretty.

Re: Video: Chemical Plant Zone Looks Rather Fun in Sonic Mania


Nice work here! Loved the music either!
It was far form being my favorite level on Sonic 2 when I was a child, but I ended up liking it on Generations and when revisiting it as an older gamer. Must say it has its personality and creativity on design in its original form, but here they remastered/remade it to 11!!!
Getting too much hyped , or I must say too much maniac, for this Sonic game!

Re: Video: Street Fighter's Way Of The Hado Is A Hell Made Of Motion Controls


I have been reading lots of criticism about this game. The other consoles people say Capcom is screwing again with their fans, and more specific the Street Fighter fans, because their player base are on the other platforms,. Some points considering the Switch owners will have to expend extra for a pro controller to play it, or expend much more for an arcade joystick - while their fan base on other platforms already have these "requirements" to fully enjoy and master the gameplay.

And here comes my point, made evident with the Way of the Hado mini game: this release is for the casual people who played lots of SF2 back in their gold days on the 90s! Certainly it can be on a hardcore scene and even the competitive scene, but I believe Capcom is focusing on the casual people - their main market for this game, IMO - at it may be the "demographic" for most of Switch owners.

Way of the Hado is to be a silly little fun, outside all the seriousness that a competitive SF match can get! It is Capcom making fun of their game, and also making fun of us because their package could be more interesting in game modes - a weak point in this game considering the price tag.

So, people, have fun being silly while you mimic Ryu's most iconic moves and specials! This is it! Forget a little about about all the seriousness of a brawler and have fun like it was the Wii times once again!

Re: Retro-Style Action RPG Kamiko Hits the Switch eShop In The West Next Week


Glad to know CIRCLE Entertainment is publishing games on Switch as well it have been doing on 3DS. Nice little indie gems from the East they have brought us!
Also, I love Skipmore works: a retro pixel and sound delights in shorts bursts of simplicity yet fun and cool art design that creates a nice feeling of magical places.

Already in love with the piece of music presented in this video <3
(just wish that Fairune 2 music was on par with this one and the first game)

Re: Nintendo Shows Off 2D Gameplay Footage From Sonic Forces


SEGA is getting funny about their marketing messages!
First it shows us a Sonic Forces which remembered us of a simple mobile runner to the horrible reboot of the last gen consoles, making lots of fans - me included - frowning their faces!
But you just wait! Ya got us a new surprise later!
Now it reveals the same game as a Sonic Generations sucessor!
Oh my, SEGA! You are about to be craziest company ever! And I'm starting to like it!
By the way, thanks for bringing a superb port of Bayonetta
to PC! Aso a clever move from your marketing.

Re: Atlus Confirms Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 And Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey For 3DS


I was already happy with Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology and then Atlus comes with more of their finnest!
Have been looking to play Strange Journey since when they ported Soul Hacker, but could never find a copy of the DS original. It turned out to be just a matter of time - only if they bring it to west!
Will Atlus remember us who played all their excellent RPGs for 3DS on the western side of the world? Please, consider a SMT fan wanting another 100 hours of dungeon crawling and demon fusion.

Re: Bertil Hörberg Shares Footage of His Next Game


Nice work! The palette is fitting well to the atmosphere and has a richer lighting and shader effects, yet they are in soft coloring.
Thanks to the 3D movement and camera It looks like a living comic book more than in Gunman Clive.
Hope it comes as a real game, but making a game like this maybe a huge effort. So, I hope he gets the funds and dedication to develop it.

Re: Secret Of Mana Sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 Shown Running On Nintendo Switch


Things are getting interesting here!
Play like it was the 80's or 90's! This time for real! Insta 2 players co-op!!!
Maybe this is why Nintendo is being late at implementing the Virtual Console: it wants to get the massage right with a clever marketing, like it has been doing these initial weeks and Switch pre-release. Because what we have here is a true throwback! And the companies maybe smart enough to capitalize on it!
So, better the V.C. be a worthy platform on Switch.

Re: Video: See Sonic Forces At Its Best in Official Gameplay Footage


@Switch81tch Exactly! I have played Sonic Dash and I've a found a fun & fast mobile game within it. Even considerinng its freemium bussiness. But how long do we play such games? A handful of seesion which lasts a couple of minutes for not much than a month.
This is really poor when the fans want a core and lasting Sonic game. This we will find in Sonic Mania.
This Sonic Forces, at leat at this very beggining that we know very little, seens to be more of the same formula which isn't Sonic at its best. But it may appeal to a new generation that played its mobile games and who knows if it may show off some novelty or refresh - someway being optmistic - the modern Sonic formula.