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Tue 19th February, 2013

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Fazermint commented on Hyperkin Is Working On The Ultimate Wii U Pro ...:

Honestly, the Wii Classic Controller Pro is perfect for Smash Bros U. All you have to do is change button layout to resemble a gamecube controller, and you have an arguably better control option in your hands.

I'd be interested in wireless gamecube controllers, but if they require a Wii Remote I can't use them for my gamecube games. Guess I should really look up those Wavebirds...



Fazermint commented on Guide: Master Splatoon's New Tower Control Mod...:

@luke88 It'll probably be part of the rotation after a couple of days, with a 50/50 chance of each mode. 1/2 modes and 2/8 levels available at a time... that's 12,5% of the content available. So I guess you could say this game lives up to 12,5% of its potential. Or 6,6% when the last mode and last two maps are added.



Fazermint commented on Guide: Master Splatoon's New Tower Control Mod...:

You can't pick if you want Splat Zone or Tower Control mode, I CALLED IT. What kind of apes are making these design decisions?

Tower mode is awful, I just want to play Splat Zones mode. On the map of my choice. In a non-ranked setting. The game is really fun, but hooooly cow is it flawed.



Fazermint commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I think it's safe to say that Nintendo's success with the Wii went to their heads. They invented a new way to play with the Wii and it was a great success. Their basic assumption was that for their next console, all they had to do was invent a new way to play, again. And so they did, with the gamepad. It just didn't click. Tablets, gyro controls and touch screens were old news. Considering that the double screen concept came from the DS, you could question how innovative the Wii U really is.

But no, fans just didn't understand the system. To some extent, that was true - thanks to laughable promotion efforts. But now we understand it, and it's still no big hit. Nintendo even admitted themselves that they didn't have the crucial "big app" game that showcased the gamepad well. Nintendo Land was supposed to do that, but honestly, nobody bought the system for Nintendo Land. To this day there still hasn't come a game that really justifies the gamepad. This one is on you, Nintendo.

They claim to know what their fans want. But somehow, a true 3D Mario or Metroid game isn't on that list. And Zelda U comes towards the end of the system's lifecycle. Nah, Nintendo's approach is part doing whatever they please, part milking amiibos, and part thinking they know everything better than their fans - not only what games they want, but also how they want to play it.



Fazermint commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

@mjc0961 Splatoon plays very well with gyro controls, it's by far the better control option as compared to R-stick only. And I'm sure SFZ will play better with them as well.

I'll have the controls for SFZ down in 2 minutes, no problem. Just a matter of learning a new control scheme.



Fazermint commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

After watching the Treehouse gameplay, I'm positive that this game will be fantastic. Everybody has bemoaned gyro controls and dual-screen focus, myself included, but after seeing it in action I realize it offers a much wider range of possibilities. Really looking forward to experiencing the 3D sound thingamajig, as well.



Fazermint commented on Super Mario Maker Will Allow You to Unlock ami...:

@FlappyFalco That's great to hear mate! I was thinking of recreating the levels from Yoshi's Island (SNES). Each pack would end in a castle, seems good. Though I'd have to get creative with the transformation segments :P

This game could do well with a YouTube upload feature, would be a nice way to show off your own levels. Looked it up and apparently Ninty didn't want to include it because "they'd rather have the players play the levels than watching videos." Load of bull, of course.



Fazermint commented on Star Fox Zero Marks An Explosive Return To For...:

Wow, so many people complaining about graphics, you would think this is an IGN reviewer application thread.

The graphics are fine. Me and my two friends who were watching the digital event even agreed on that it looked pretty damn awesome. Perhaps our appreciation for games is more genuine than others, if graphics are your main critique. There is a far more troubling aspect - the seemingly obligatory gyro / gamepad controls.



Fazermint commented on Two More Splatoon Weapons Are About to Arrive:

While I'm not really upset about the fact that content is locked away and released as "updates" (though I resent that they think they're tricking anyone), it does exacerbate the problem of the game being more or less in a beta testing phase even after release. There is just no way Splatoon, as it is now, is a final product. There's no way of skipping that incredibly stupid "news report" every time you start up the game. There is no match-up algorithm for turf war mode, and the match-up algorithm for ranked mode is incredibly basic. The amount of content is low - just a few levels, only ONE game mode (at launch) and 2 now. And there's no way to change your weapon without leaving your group. And there's no way to leave a lobby after entering it, with the exception of choking the Wii U.



Fazermint commented on Video: GameChap Shows Us Five Ways to Get Bann...:

Number 1 and 3 are the most important.

Does the following fall under #1?

  • The opponent takes on an escapist playstyle, spending more time running away from you than attacking you, and relying only on ranged attacks. These battles are infuriating, as they can sometimes last the full five minutes and all you do is run after them.

#3 is what I've been reporting players for, glad to see people actually getting banned for it. If you're not good enough for glory battles, don't play glory battles.



Fazermint commented on Feature: Yoshi's Woolly World, Like Kirby's Ep...:

Looking forward to this game, and that preview video certainly built some hype for me. I'm on the same page about the sequels never living up to the original game, so it's exciting to hear that this game might even be BETTER.