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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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fascinatura commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

I get the impression that NX is definitely a console, not a handheld. I remember Reggie implying that it was, and at E3, they talked about the NX first thing and then went on to show that there isn't much new coming to the Wii U. Then there was the comment that if there's gonna be another Metroid Prime, it'll be on the NX. Sure, that could still mean it's on a handheld but I highly doubt it... I mean if that's the case then a "Metroid Prime" has been recently announced for the 3DS... LOL

anyway, I am 85% sure it's a home console. And this news thrills me! Maybe SE can consider FFXV and KH3 for the NX then? Seems like it shoudn't be a hassle if the NX is based on x86 architecture hmm...



fascinatura commented on Single Player Campaign for Splatoon Detailed, ...:

The single player actually looks terrific, and a lot more fleshed out than I expected it to be. From what was shown in the trailer, the single player incorporates a lot of puzzle/platforming features, which is great, because that means Splatoon will include two styles of gameplay and Nintendo has some major pedigree when it comes to designing puzzle/platformer games. I just hope the single player isn't too short.



fascinatura commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I disagree that the Gamepad is underused. I don't think every game needs to use it extensively to make it worthwhile.

Sonic Racing - My gamepad is a steering wheel. Also, multiplayer without having to use splitscreen.

Wii Fit U - Face snapshots to see how my face changes over time as I lose weight and mirror mode so I can see if am doing an exercise correctly. Also, many of the new mini games make use the Gamepad such as scuba diving.

Nintendo Land - No explanation needed.

Warriors Orochi 3 - You can play two player without splitscreen. It's pretty great that two people can play and have their own dedicated screen.

Sonic Lost World - Two player races that don't rely on splitscreen mode again. The colors and circus games were kinda poor implementations of the Gamepad, I must admit.

Mario 3D World - Ok, so this game doesn't really use the Gamepad in a meaningful way... but at the same time I think they just wanted to focus on a great multiplayer platformer. Not every game needs to use the Gamepad.

NSMBU - Same for 3D World.

Before the Wii U my boyfriend and I almost never played games together (and we also own a PS3). The Wii U's games are designed for local multiplayer and spectating and the Gamepad plays a big part in that.



fascinatura commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

More traditional style games, even if they are excellent and Nintendo IPs, won't make the Wii U a success. It didn't work for the Gamecube or the N64 yet only kept them afloat. So far Nintendo has been very weak in trying to attract the market they had with the Wii probably because they thought the Wii brand alone would do the work. They only just now started marketing to families with commercials. Sales have been up since October but it is obvious that Nintendo was expecting an absolutely massive Christmas following the improved game library and price cut. However, that didn't happen although Christmas sales were decent. But I just don't buy that there is nothing Nintendo can do about the Wii U anymore. IMO they haven't even done much yet. They need to start aggressively pursuing partnerships and exclusive content (both GAMES and APPS.) Wii Street U and Art Academy are amazing apps. They need more like this and get the ball rolling for 3rd party devs to develop for Wii U. Also, the Wii is still relevant... Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and Just Dance 2014 also sold the best on the original Wii of all the consoles. Nintendo needs to make sure this market doesn't move on to PS4 for Just Dance 2015. Get to work, Nintendo.



fascinatura commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

Honestly, I think the casual market (really, this market is "everyone else" outside of enthusiast gamers, and these people have various interests that can be met with interactive media) is not a lost cause yet. The Wii U just isn't a great value proposition---yet. They really need to start bringing media to their console that people will care about and I mean BEYOND Nintendo first party titles. Maybe a bundle with Wii Fit U + Permanent passes to Tennis, Bowling, and Golf in Wii Sports Club? Bundle SiNG Party and Just Dance 2014. Get exclusive games and apps that boast IPs like Dr. Who, Twilight, Star Wars, Disney, etc. Oh yeah, and why has Wii Fit U been launched so quietly? That's a mistake.