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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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farore311 commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

I Went digital after the release of fire emblem awakening that I couldn't find anywhere. An then I bought a 32gb SD card. I'm now dowloading every single game on 3DS. For Wii U the digital deluxe promotion is the main reason why I went digital. I installed a 1 TB HDD on it and I download everything.



farore311 commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

Simple question, is there really people out there who would dedicate their gaming time to their smartphone. Do you really want to play the new zelda on your galaxy s3? With touch controls, low battery life and ds like graphics. Smartphones = jack of all trades, master of none. As far as they want to push these devices, they will always be, smartphones.



farore311 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

A "3DS player" on the wiiU could make the gamepad essential and would significantly boost the WiiU library. As the super gameboy and gameboy player did for previous consoles. DS games on Wii was not possible at all. Due to touch screen controls and dual screen display. The gamepad allows all that.



farore311 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th December (North America):

no... where is a link to the past. I can understand we haven't got bravely default for "maybe" localization and distribution issues. but come on nintendo, a vc game already out on the wii and localized more than 20 years ago.It's probably the matter of the press of a button. And then it might also be a marketing strategy to avoid alienating a link between worlds sales.



farore311 commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (North America):

There was a time when america got everything and europe was left with long delays and even unreleased games, including SMRPG. Now it's kind of a reversal, games are coming sooner to europe and somes are not even realsed in NA. I guess it comes from the fact that the NA consumers are now more interested in local productions and become less interested in japanese products. JRPG, platformers and strategy games are slowly disapering and the common game looks more like a michael bay movie that you've already seen, no inovations, no artistic value, gunplay and generic "semi photo realistic" visuals are all that maters. Nintendo should at least help us believe that original gaming still exists by filling the VC to help maintain interest of current WiiU users, while we wait for other fantastic first party releases.



farore311 commented on All New Screenshots From Icarian: Kindred Spirits:

Well I agree with some who mentioned it before: this game does share a lot of similarities with nintendo's Kid Icarus. But let's be serious, with the time it takes for nintendo to update their classic franchises (and I mean A potent one, not like marios spin-offs etc.), it was time that a third party publisher release something inspired by nintendo's work. The game looks good and might be a future purchase for me. Grats at you at Over the top.



farore311 commented on Top 10 platform games we want to come to the V...:

Hi, I leave this message to make things clear regarding the release of Banjo-kazooie on the virtual console. First isn't there already 2 rareware game out for the snes, ok i know you'll tell me that DK is a nintendo chararter and that it means that the rights are owned by Nintendo, but isn't Diddy kong racing the first real rare published game? and regarding that last game, didn't Nintendo released it on the Nintend DS lately? And that game featured Banjo. There's also a few GBA rare game that came published either by THQ or Nintendo. ok I know it sounds like I really hope it's going to show up but well it's just a few words to let you know that we don't really know how things goes in this business, and that even if rare is now owned by Microsoft, some of the best snes and N64 games were rare creation and even more, help the N64 last a little longer with great first party titles near the end of its lifespawn. With that said, see ya!