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Thu 19th Jan 2012

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fabbemannen commented on Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012:

To be honest, I think that the Wii U got great potential, but like always, it depends on the games.
Let's compare it with the Wii for example. The motion controls just looked like a gimmick, until it was used properly. Games like Twilight Princess for example (which got my favorite game-controls in any game I've seen) simply used the motion controls to act as extra buttons (shield with the nunchuck, the bow-aiming etc.). And while TP had some practical uses of it, Skyward Sword unleashed it's full potential with all-motion.
Graphics of the Wii too, I really love how games like Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Brawl etc. looks like.

Back to the Wii U, like I said, great potential. Mii Chase for example, I would really want that as a party game (Mario Party-minigame anyone?) and Nintendo have always surprised me with how they use their gimmicks (while 3rd-party developers often fail with it), and they most likely will shock me again. I can see so many uses for it, not just maps and such.

Well, to be honest, I would buy it for SSB4 alone (which I actually did with the 3DS, good move there Nintendo...)