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Fri 1st July, 2011

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exDeveloper commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Apex Champion Call...:

Why isn't anyone mentioning that the entire APEX should have been done by the time they were still playing Sm4sh and still had the entire Melee thing to go? Maybe people wanted to go back home and get some sleep before Monday?



exDeveloper commented on Hacker Claims To Have Deciphered Wii U CPU and...:

Clock frequency stops making sense as soon as you have different amounts of transistors. So even comparing two single-core x86 CPUs from the same manufacturer with the same architecture isn't accurate if one of them has a single more transistor than the other. The only thing these CPUs (WiiU's and Xbox's) have in common is the instruction set and general core architecture (PowerPC), so comparisons are extremely inaccurate.

Also, the only people worrying about this stuff are those who wouldn't buy a WiiU in the first place. Most other can't really notice the CPU performance while stomping on goombas ;)



exDeveloper commented on n-Space Not Happy With Heroes Of Ruin Sales Fi...:

I was super hyped for this game, and then the demo happened. Poor visuals and yet poor framerate at the same time, along with horrible audio didn't set a pretty stage. And then the gameplay was extremely simple and generic... I honestly don't get why did it get good reviews at all, it seemed like a horrible game to me :/



exDeveloper commented on Oster Lays Out WiiWare Criticisms:

Hmm... some valid points here, but the certification thing is way overblown. I shipped GBA, NDS and Wii games, most of them passed on first try, and those which didn't I can assure you didn't take 9 months to debug. But truth be told, you have to do a little more than "a few hires and a certification guide", you can't use Nintendo as your QA.