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Mon 20th May 2013

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ex-ps3-junky commented on Rumour: Wii U Sold Less Than 40,000 Units In N...:

This is my first comment on Nintendolife, and what i would like to say is, WELCOME to the new 38000 wii u buyers in NA and beyond, for the month of april. You have made a great purchase. I have been enjoying video games since the early 80's and can honestly say IMO, the WiiU for me is by far the most enjoyable system I have come across. The features and gameplay always leaves me wanting more. I was never one for caring about a systems power and specs. ( and the WiiU does perform highly) To me it was all about the software and replay value. I am an owner of 12 physical and 8 digital WiiU games. Believe me, there is no shortage of software or entertainment with this system, in its early existence. ENJOY!!!

Thanks Nintendolife, you do a wonderful job. I also enjoy reading all the wonderful comments for this community.