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Wed 12th Jan 2011

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evilcorgi commented on Review: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (...:

this game is like a other dimention of the rather recient Homefront game for Xbox 360. Graphics took the back seat, huge potentiol wasted, and broken controls. Rent this game, and like the american rebbels, hope for a better future.



evilcorgi commented on Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: ...:

ah, EA. The ruthless black hole, sucking in ideas and developers and leaving nothing behind but the crushed dreams or many, many people. While this doesn't even come close to conparing with there sin of cancling Thrill Kill, it is a travesty to see such a brilliant movie turned into the ever looming "movie to video game" steriotype. Evilcorgi out!



evilcorgi commented on Review: Crystal Monsters (DSiWare):

in the wise words of the Irate Gamer, "...if I hate this game,why am I still playing it?...". Five dollars for this game is like buying a stick (not a walking stick, just a stick) for $30. WORST 500 POINTS EVAR!!! (yes, with an A)



evilcorgi commented on Review: Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. (DSiWare):

my very first problem was the title screen. None of the charictors (unless they changed outfits) actually appear in the gameplay. And when you said "A 'sweet' taste of crime", you wern't joking. After you beat the game, selling candies is the only way to make money without killing civilians. Also After you beat the game, the only remotly fun thing to do (not that there was anything fun BEFORE you beat the game) is to duke it out with the cops. The lack of weapons was disapointing too. You only get 11 choses. If we don't include fists, doubles, and coppies, that only gives you 5 things!!! The storyline sucked too. All the carctors were terrible cleshés, wich was sad. Of coruse, gamelofe insisted on having a camra feature... that suckes. Overall, I would have given this game a poor 3/10. Evilcorgi out!