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Mon 6th Jan 2014

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epicrean commented on Dallas Tech Company iLife Thinks Nintendo Stol...:

So lets see... Wii Was Released Nov 19th 2006. Ilife filed suit for patent violations on 6 patents, 2 of which were issued after the Wii was released, another in Aug. SO first we are to believe that Nintendo infringed on Patents that weren't even in exsistence at the time?

We can assume Nintendo started devlopment for the Wii and it's controller before the system launched so Second, we are to believe that while Nintendo made their controller they failed to patent their technology

Based on that I am looking at three of the sex can be thrown out leaving us with a possiblity of three Patents infringed.

They also included the Wii U gamepad and Wii U into their suit and ask for an injuction on those products as well.

What I see here is a company with 3 possible patents that could target the Wii controller, (Not the non chuck) and only the controller. 3 of 6 patents that can be thrown out due to dates. I won't say they are trolls but the suit seems a little late to show which makes it suspicous