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Thu 29th Dec 2011

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enda_o commented on Feature: The Evolving Role of Swapnote:

The damn thing DESPERATELY needs an update.

Its missing so many features. The 3D is blurry, 1 reply only per thread, saving images kills the image quality of the original, 5 second recording limit, cant reply with a picture, no video sending, only 1 colour, limited ink, no way of organizing letters

Theres so much that could be tweaked and updated but nintendo are just way too damn lazy.



enda_o commented on Review: Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3DS):

This was a day 1 purchase for me up until a few days ago.

No Story mode at all
Cheap Lite Mode to ruin online
And the fact it barely looks improved from the PSP version was the final nail. Seriously the PSPs stages were 100x better looking than this.

Ill pick it up in the bargain bins in a few months.



enda_o commented on Tekken 3D's Multiplayer Mode is 2D Only:

Online will be rubbish anyway.

They have not 4 super casual game ruining macros buttons but 12.


Online will be absolutely boring and cheap. So who cares if its not in 3D