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Wed 19th May 2010

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endO commented on Ubisoft: Wii U Is The Most Innovative System O...:

even if next sony or microsoft consle made up Nintendo Wii U always be More innovate console than others. Nintendo always more innovative than others. For example... Wii or DS 3DS are more innovative than oldschool consoles like xBox or PS3 or PSP. Graphics? it is not enough. controlers? Nintendo be the first who had gyroscoping controlers. Now the have multitouch controler with many features. so i think again BigN is more innovative.



endO commented on Feature: Our Favourite Super Mario Games:

Super Mario Land (Game Boy) was very addictive game for me 20 years ago. I remember that i borrowed gameboy from my friend with this game and i loved nintendo and mario series.



endO commented on SEGA, Aksys and Konami All Use Permanent 3DS S...:

if this becomes more widespread I might just have to sell my 3DS. - me too This is what kill this Platform. I don't want to buy these games, maybe other games?. F*** U Capcom Konami. But... ;( SEGA? That's ridiculous! If Nintendo released more games with permament save data i will sell my 3DS and I don't want to buy any Nintendo platform in the future.