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Puerto Rico

Sun 2nd Jan 2011

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emirblade commented on Batman: Arkham Origins:

I began playing Arkham Asylum and so far I've been loving it. I bought Batman Armored Edition because of that and I'll be buying this one too, as well as the 3DS one.



emirblade commented on Review: Crystal Monsters (DSiWare):

The most redeming factor htis game has its that its difficult to spoil the creatures and one can be wowed with their designs. sadly their designs aren't that wow worthy.



emirblade commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

I think this transition from wii to wiiU is going to be more refreshing than the transition the ps3 will get to ps4, graphics wise.

It's gonna be like this:
Nintendo:WOW look at mario in HD, so pretty
PS: Oh, look at kratos, he looks slightly better.



emirblade commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

It sure sounds like an underlying bashing to me. He is practically saying they expected something more from Nintendo and they weren't impressed. And even if he doesn't mention the NGP, judging the 3DS that way is like saying "we are really innovative".