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Emblem commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

@Yasume Did you really just compare 3 of the biggest Manga's (+Animes) Musou games to a Zelda Musou game? I'm not sure how much you know about Japan or those IPs but they have massive followings. (no offensive implied)
Everyone in Japan knows those franchises, Zelda doesn't even come close. Not to mention the fact that Playstation is the known home of the Mosou games or the fact that Japan got several hotly anticipated Mosou games this year and have more incoming before 2015.

There are just too many factors that don't match up to do a comparison that holds any weight. It really is an apples to oranges comparison.



Emblem commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

Really don't like the red, otherwise i'd likley pick up another XL.

FYI to those complains about the AC adapter, you can get a USB charger for 50p on Amazon that works wonders. My cat bit through my original charger and i've been using a usb charger for about a year now.

Shame Nintendo does'nt just include one of those since they are cheaper to produce and would fit in the tiny 3DSXL box.



Emblem commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

I'll get a couple for the shelf and maybe try one on Smash Bros 4 but i don't think the game side of these Amiibo will enough to draw people in. The models detail and quality however have already got me.

Edit: Also worth noting that Disney Infinity 2.0 Figures now cost £15 a pop and £30 for 2 on Amazon UK, I hope for Nintendo's sake they price them at £11.99 at the absolute maximum.



Emblem commented on Weirdness: A Resident Evil TV Show Has Been Pr...:

I personally liked the films as I didn't make the mistake of thinking they would recreate the games. The last two in particular are awesome action movies.

That said this doesn't sound all that great but we will see. I'd prefer to see a show surrounding the events of RE0, RE1 & R2 from the initial out break and the Stars first being mobilized.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

@erv Personally i loved the sea combat and boarding ships but hated the insta fail stealth/follow missions. I don't get hung up on visuals but AC4 is technically terrible it was actually giving me headaches due to the frame drops and scaled back textures. Its hard to explain but when you play it you'll likely notice it, when your at sea however the issue clears up for the most part.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

That's very strange, no Wii U Eshop or VC games? I'm sure this is the first time this has happened.

The discounts are very nice though but i already own all the games i care about on that list.

Edit: Remembered its Gamescom this week, i'm hoping they have a surprise download for us this week.



Emblem commented on August Is Officially Princess Peach Month, Acc...:

@Peach64 That's interesting I might go have a read, I was having a discussion with some of my students about stereotypes in the media recently, I found their prospectives on the subject very interesting. For example many 'old' stereotypes are not prevalent enough in modern day media for them to notice or even identify as sterotypes (race ones are holding strong though lol).

Strangely enough when i think about it when we spoke about women, none of them brought up the old damsel in distress stereotype. They mostly spoke about femme fatale, the ugly to sexy or unpopular to popular switch and women as sexual objects or possessions/trophies.

These kids are all 16-18 btw and we didn't talk about games much but I wonder if younger gamers find characters like Peach refreshing now that everyone (protagonists at least) is a survivor/bad ass or if they feel she's unrealistic and patronising.



Emblem commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

Samurai warriors 3 Chronicles and EO 2 were both confirmed earlier but i some how knew this story was going to be posted on NL first despite it coming later lol.

Anyway sucks for Wii U only owners i guess, i seriously doubt i'm going to buy this game again on my PS4. I loved the 1st one on my PS1 and REmake on cube so i've had my fill.



Emblem commented on Adventure Mode Details Revealed for Hyrule War...:

This mode was already leaked but its good to see more of it on video. I was expecting to see more on the online battle mode and some of the rumoured secret characters.

I'm eager for more info but at the same time i'm glad they are keeping some info for people to find in game. I expect a full wikia page with everything listed a couple days after the Japanese launch though.



Emblem commented on Hyrule Warriors DLC Floodgates Opened with Alt...:

"Is this a sign that Nintendo is treating additional content more seriously?"
This game isn't being developed by Nintendo... read the dev stuff, Nintendo are supervising their IP and that's it.

That said Warriors games always have a million and 1 dlc packs, its also a major complaint from fans. They either have too many small dlc packs or fans are complaining that their is not dlc comparable to past titles. They do however make sure no dlc packs are essential or take away from the main game and are totally optional which is why i can (mostly) stand their dlc model.

DLC examples are: Music, stages, custom character parts, costumes,characters (FOTNS only) and items. These tend to range from serious to silly, for example you can get a dlc that makes all the enemies look like Power rangers etc.



Emblem commented on The Man Responsible For Reviving Nintendo's Re...:

@akaDv8R Most of Dan's recent work has not yet bared any fruit as we are still awaiting for them, I don't think we'll see any ramifications (if any) until 2016 at the earliest. It's also worth noting Dan worked with a team so its not like there is no one covering the base.

@Jazzer94 He did commit treason (well not really :) ), he publicly ridiculed his employer and its practices. If you are in the public eye you represent the company, if you feel strongly about something you decline comment to the public and or you say you are working with the company to makes changes etc. You do not make controversial statements because they either look like you are trying to use public opinion to force the companies hand or you are being salty about something so are being vindictive. The moment you speak against your company it sends a million mixed messages out there to both consumers and competitors which hurts the overall company.

IMO both parties handled the situation quite poorly but this resolution is for the best. Dan gets to be free and do what he really wants and Nintendo will realise how big of a gap Dan has left and double up on filling the void and maybe relaxing a few of their policies.

Dan simply outgrew Nintendo, it was obvious towards the end he could no longer work in the constraints of such a large company. This is the perfect time for him to join the indie scene and all his connections will surely help so i wish him all the best.



Emblem commented on The Man Responsible For Reviving Nintendo's Re...:

Best of luck to him, I felt he was getting abit too big for his boots towards the end but its still a loss for Nintendo anyway you look at it.

That said its worth pointing out in the article that Dan was not solely responsible for Nintendo's indie scene, lets not crap on all the hard working folks at Nintendo.



Emblem commented on Renegade Kid Announces Metroidvania Game Xeodr...:

RK need more actual good games out before they make more, the time spent on this and the sure to fail kick starter they had should have been spent getting Treasurenaughts out there. As is stands its hard to get hyped about this when I knew their track record.



Emblem commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

This poll is jumping the gun, as i said before the wording of the twitter is vague and we have already had confirmation from the actual devs that there will be online play. Should have waited until Mondays direct for confirmation but why waste the opportunity to get some clicks in the confusion right?



Emblem commented on Sega Once Again Targets 3DS As Its Most Lucrat...:

@Falchion SMT4 in Europe is the only one I can think of.

2.2 Million from 7 games? Is that worldwide or just Japan as that's a kinda low figure. It also means they must not have much faith in Alien Isolation shifting much units then which is very strange considering the budget.



Emblem commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@Einherjar To be fair the online on both Wii U games has been smooth but FOTNS was completely dead (shame as it had an 8 player co-op and vs mode), Orichi 3 seemed okay but I only tested it a couple times. I agre though people saying they are not getting it due to online co-op are being silly.

Warriors co-op online is a weird affair, its almost like playing with a bot since there is no need to coordinate, communicate or actually be together. I'm far more interested in a versus or mini game mode like Orichi 3 and the older Warriors titles.

Edit: Also why is everyone attacking Nintendo? They are not even funding or co-developing the game, they are leasing out their IP and that's it. The only control they have over the game is their IP which is the only thing being supervised, mechanics and systems have nothing to do with them.



Emblem commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

It doesn't actually say that there is no co-op in the game it seems like its referring to main story mode. I would wait until Monday before you all have meltdowns as even with my rusty translations this is open to interpretation.

I'm guessing that the main story won't have online co-op but free/adventure mode will. Also they already confirmed an online specific mode this week (Special Battles), seems strange for it to be a competitive mode.

I've never used the online co-op in a Warriors game before and i own almost everyone but it sucks for those who do use it and cant get local games. Still local co-op is what i really wanted and its in.

Direct on Monday will clear everything up anyway.



Emblem commented on Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Arriving Next ...:

@Ryno People want a general direct with new games and information, ignoring the fact we just had E3 which pretty much gave us a forecast into 2015 and a ridiculous amount of info on all the games shown.

Only info a general direct can give us at this point is an update on Eshop and indie titles which would be welcome but its not a must.



Emblem commented on Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Arriving Next ...:

I'm more interested in what modes other than story and free mode will be included. Koei have been getting ambitious lately with the awesome versus mode in Orichi 3, ambition mode in DW8, the new 5 man tower mode in Orichi 3 Ultimate, and the vagrant mode in SW4.

I expect Hyrule warriors to have something similar.

Edit: Extra mode/s confirmed via JP website. Awesome now I just need details.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Reports Losses for Q1 of Financial Ye...:

No suprises then, Q3 is where Nintendo historically makes the bulk of its profit. Still shame MK8 didn't shift more hardware. Not surprised by the 3DS drop, tablets and phones have all but murdered the Vita so its surprising the 3DS is managing to pull such healthy (imo) overall numbers in the first place.



Emblem commented on Orders Open For Xbox One in China as Nintendo ...:

China is way too unpredictable as a video games market to make any real analysis of how well this gens consoles will actually work. Despite a massive population, entertainment revenue is not that high in China mainly due to rampant piracy, low income and restricted media content. I'm really interested to see how China's official console scene shapes up. At the moment China is dominated by PC and mobile games which are both easily accessible and cheap.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

@MAB While I think its crazy to stick with just a 3DS this gen (unless people also have a gaming PC). The 3DS has an awesome backlog and a very healthy future line up ahead of it so if you was being serious about the support comment you need to get yourself some upto date info. If you were kidding well just ignore :) .

Off head just this year the 3DS has Pokemon R/S, Smash4, Theatrhythem2, Fantasy life, Adventure time SNK, Tenkai Knights, Fifa 2015, Lego Ninjadriods, Persona Q, Skylanders, Layton Vs Ace, Lego Batman 3, Sonic Boom, Azure Gunvolt, Harvestmoon, Treasurenaughts, Shantae, SMT4 (EU) and i'm sure i'd find more if I bothered to Google. I don't know the eshop schedule but if we get more gems like Siesta Fiesta mixed in that will be an added bonus.

Trust me the 3DS has the healthiest amount of upcoming support of all the consoles barring the PS4 right now.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

Nothing for me this week, been playing Siesta Fiesta and Starfox3D on the commute to work and I lent my Wii U to my brother yesterday anyway. PSN+ free August games go live soon and were also getting a summer sale this week so I think I can live without my Wii U for a few weeks.



Emblem commented on Live: The Nintendo Gaming Lounge at San Diego ...:

I found it strange NL didn't cover day 1. The technical difficulties didn't seem to affect the viewers, around 30k average.

It made me appreate how amazing E3 Treehouse was paced and run, if E3 had the same issues as last night it would not have proved so popular and we may not have seen them again.



Emblem commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

The VC is a lot less profitable then some people like to make out, hence the lack of serious investment. after its initial start up boom on Wii. A quick look at Nintendo's digital sales since the VC was introduced will give a rough profit ball park, of course only Nintendo know how much profit each VC game makes but i'm willing to bet its no where as high as people think it is.