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Tue 11th June, 2013

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Emblem commented on Master Quest DLC Details Emerge for Hyrule War...:

@FX102A You can but i would say wait until your sure you like the game first as im sure the dlc deal is limited.

The preorder dlc is coming for sure but we have not been given dates yet. I expect this is due to the deals that have been made with retailers.



Emblem commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

Sigh, i fell for the clickbait article title.

Edit: Wow people are really taking this as an offical confirmation? I thought i was bad for just clicking the link lol. Lol hiw many times do we ave this exact same scenario? No plans or afaik does not equal and offical confirmation.



Emblem commented on Hyrule Warriors Horses Around with Epona in Ma...:

@Melkac Never happening, TK games are always 'complete' on release, they just always have a ton of follow up DLC support that TK either convert and transfer from their other games (since they use the same engine), or they develop once the initial game is complete.

DW8 XLC on PS4 has over 50 separate pieces of optional DLC, they were released bi-weekly since release and there is still more to come. WO3U also has a bi-weekly dlc release schedule that I expect will deliver dlc over the next few months. The season pass for Hyrule Warriors is the best valued deal for a warriors game dlc ever.



Emblem commented on Bayonetta on Wii U Bewitches as the Best Version:

@Artwark @Interneto An 8 is a good score i'm not disputing that at all. I don't much care for scores to be honest i glean the information i need from the actual content of reviews. Since NL often have long reviews they are a good source of said information which is why i read them. That said Bayonetta is one of the best action games ever, if you are going to give it an arbitrary score it deserves a higher score than 8 imo.

My issue is actually with the review itself and (some) reviews in general, they lack consistency and often have mis-information and conjecture (The Hyrule Warriors review is a good example of this). For example Mega Man also received an 8 but didn't lose marks because of its age, this review was published about the same time. Most times I just ignore it but once in a while I make a comment.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

People are not thinking straight. There are a few reasons why EU & US are getting it in 2015.
1. Production. No way they can produce the amount of N3ds units needed to cover such large markets.
2. Logistics. These consoles are shipped not flown, that means they need to be produced and shipped before they can be sold. Shipping takes ages but its cost effective when moving large amounts across large distances.



Emblem commented on Review: KickBeat: Special Edition (Wii U eShop):

@XFsWorld I think thats because the PS3 version allowed you to select your own music. However the PS4 doesn't have a MP3 playback function so your stuck with the 24 tracks. To be fair that's Sony's fault not the developers, however it does mean the PS3 version is superior to the PS4 version which is why they likely marked it lower.

Still a 5 is way to harsh imo, although I must admit I got the Wii U version over the PS4 version but that was mainly due to own screen multi-player and the likely hood that it will be on PSN+ at some point in the future anyway.



Emblem commented on Ninterview: We Talk Bits and Beats With Mega Ran:

Never heard of him or his music, i'll check youtube in a sec. Its crazy how people end up doing stuff like this though. Sometimes you really do just need to put your best out there and see who responds and how.

Edit: Just skimmed through a few tracks from 'The Call' album, it's surprisingly good. I was expecting a gimmick rapper to be honest but instead I found an intelligent and conscious hiphop artist with good production. Going to check more of his stuff out...



Emblem commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

@sinalefa He is an independent contractor so its not Nintendo's decision. Unless they offer him a project he is interested in he is likely to do a smaller project with his own company or even work for another large company outside of Nintendo.



Emblem commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

Nice article.

I hope he goes on to another new IP or reinvigorating a dormant IP once he's done with Smash Bros U (After a lengthy rest for that hand of course). I understand his desire to make new games and not getting stuck constantly updating his past work.



Emblem commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

After spending most of friday playing this i disagree with this reviews content even more. Its a sold beat em up even if you dont like musou games there is enough Zelda lore and fan service to make a couple of play throughs of legend and adventure mode worth anyones while.



Emblem commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

@Einherjar Awesome, most Warriors fans have being saying the same thing. My only concern is the quality dip in local co-op, every Warriors game to date has had a quality dip in local co-op so its expected, I just hope its the same as always and not any worse than previous Wii U entries.

Amazon UK Shipped my game yesterday so i'll be playing it in the next few hours :) .



Emblem commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@Bass_X0 "DLC is fine. If the DLC appeals to me, I'll download it. If not, I wouldn't have cared if it was in the free in the first place. Its okay to have a choice."

Nice post, pretty much sums up my stance on dlc.

I love warriors games and they always have an abundance of dlc so i often only buy a few choice pieces i really want/need.



Emblem commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I've never put any stock in reviews for Warriors games and buy them regardless. Shame this only scored a 7 but thats expected of warriors games in the west. Not being overly familuar with Zelda lore im hoping this game will engage me. In anycase this will hold me over until SW4 next month.

One issue i have with the review is the section implying Zelda Musou is using an old engine and not the new one. Thats incorrect, the latest Musou titles including the upcoming DW8 Empires are all using the exact same engine, its one of the main complaints of the community especially on PS4.



Emblem commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

I love the animation used for the FMV's they have, they should totally doing something with that. This game isn't for me but i'm glad its transitioned well to the west for those who are interested.



Emblem commented on Exclusive: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heis...:

Interesting, but if its coming to PS4 i know it will be a PS+ game so i'll likley go for the 3DS version to have the best of both worlds.

Edit: Unless the Wii U version has extra features or makes good use of the gamepad of course. Still, hopfully i'll have N3Ds by the time this is released.

Messege to devs, please be sandbox and not completley story driven and scripted, it totally kills replayability with turnbased games.



Emblem commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

@Chubblings Your post sums up everything i was going to post lol, I'm so glad there are others that love the franchise the same way I do. The only Warriors games i've not cared for much are the One Piece ones which I still played though with my brother but don't actually like the IP much.

I don't think its fair to compare SW4 & Hyrule Warriors as SW4 actually incorporates all the old SW1-3 and SW Chronicles 1-2 stuff so even without the new expanded story and new characters its going to be jam packed with content. In terms of effort I like to think both have had their equal share as i'd like to enjoy both before DW8 Empires arrives in the west early next year.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@MeWario I'm curious, what do u mean by the "state of the eshops" ?

Are you talking about having to make purchases on the device you intend to download to? If so this is also biggest gripe, although you can see on the Nintendo website they have set it up to be allow payments from anywhere soon.



Emblem commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

@rjejr Yeah, I don't much care for Ubi's treatment of the Wii U either. Sega however have given a bunch of support via exclusives & eshop games, they are also responsible for the Wii U getting both Bayonetta 2 & W101 by initiating talks between Platinum and Nintendo when they couldn't get funding anywhere else.



Emblem commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

@rjejr Yeah this date was debunked on another site pretty a while ago. The retailer guesstimates dates, the most recent one to be wrong was GTA which they had pegged for October.

In anycase in the UK atleast both Watchdogs and Sonic are launching on the 21st November. Nintendo can't afford to sabotage sales from two of their largest third party supporters if they hope to have any kind third party support in the future.

Personally I don't think were seeing Smash Wii U until 5th December at the earliest.



Emblem commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

The demo is fun but i'm really craving a full screen experience now. The game looks better than expected on my XL but after each match i'm longing for the 'real' smash experience.

I really hope the Wii U release isn't to far away from the 3DS release, i don't want to wear out the controls on my Fire Emblem 3DSXL :/ .