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Emblem commented on Ninterview: We Talk Bits and Beats With Mega Ran:

Never heard of him or his music, i'll check youtube in a sec. Its crazy how people end up doing stuff like this though. Sometimes you really do just need to put your best out there and see who responds and how.

Edit: Just skimmed through a few tracks from 'The Call' album, it's surprisingly good. I was expecting a gimmick rapper to be honest but instead I found an intelligent and conscious hiphop artist with good production. Going to check more of his stuff out...



Emblem commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

@sinalefa He is an independent contractor so its not Nintendo's decision. Unless they offer him a project he is interested in he is likely to do a smaller project with his own company or even work for another large company outside of Nintendo.



Emblem commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

Nice article.

I hope he goes on to another new IP or reinvigorating a dormant IP once he's done with Smash Bros U (After a lengthy rest for that hand of course). I understand his desire to make new games and not getting stuck constantly updating his past work.



Emblem commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

After spending most of friday playing this i disagree with this reviews content even more. Its a sold beat em up even if you dont like musou games there is enough Zelda lore and fan service to make a couple of play throughs of legend and adventure mode worth anyones while.



Emblem commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

@Einherjar Awesome, most Warriors fans have being saying the same thing. My only concern is the quality dip in local co-op, every Warriors game to date has had a quality dip in local co-op so its expected, I just hope its the same as always and not any worse than previous Wii U entries.

Amazon UK Shipped my game yesterday so i'll be playing it in the next few hours :) .



Emblem commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@Bass_X0 "DLC is fine. If the DLC appeals to me, I'll download it. If not, I wouldn't have cared if it was in the free in the first place. Its okay to have a choice."

Nice post, pretty much sums up my stance on dlc.

I love warriors games and they always have an abundance of dlc so i often only buy a few choice pieces i really want/need.



Emblem commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I've never put any stock in reviews for Warriors games and buy them regardless. Shame this only scored a 7 but thats expected of warriors games in the west. Not being overly familuar with Zelda lore im hoping this game will engage me. In anycase this will hold me over until SW4 next month.

One issue i have with the review is the section implying Zelda Musou is using an old engine and not the new one. Thats incorrect, the latest Musou titles including the upcoming DW8 Empires are all using the exact same engine, its one of the main complaints of the community especially on PS4.



Emblem commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

I love the animation used for the FMV's they have, they should totally doing something with that. This game isn't for me but i'm glad its transitioned well to the west for those who are interested.



Emblem commented on Exclusive: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heis...:

Interesting, but if its coming to PS4 i know it will be a PS+ game so i'll likley go for the 3DS version to have the best of both worlds.

Edit: Unless the Wii U version has extra features or makes good use of the gamepad of course. Still, hopfully i'll have N3Ds by the time this is released.

Messege to devs, please be sandbox and not completley story driven and scripted, it totally kills replayability with turnbased games.



Emblem commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

@Chubblings Your post sums up everything i was going to post lol, I'm so glad there are others that love the franchise the same way I do. The only Warriors games i've not cared for much are the One Piece ones which I still played though with my brother but don't actually like the IP much.

I don't think its fair to compare SW4 & Hyrule Warriors as SW4 actually incorporates all the old SW1-3 and SW Chronicles 1-2 stuff so even without the new expanded story and new characters its going to be jam packed with content. In terms of effort I like to think both have had their equal share as i'd like to enjoy both before DW8 Empires arrives in the west early next year.



Emblem commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@MeWario I'm curious, what do u mean by the "state of the eshops" ?

Are you talking about having to make purchases on the device you intend to download to? If so this is also biggest gripe, although you can see on the Nintendo website they have set it up to be allow payments from anywhere soon.



Emblem commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

@rjejr Yeah, I don't much care for Ubi's treatment of the Wii U either. Sega however have given a bunch of support via exclusives & eshop games, they are also responsible for the Wii U getting both Bayonetta 2 & W101 by initiating talks between Platinum and Nintendo when they couldn't get funding anywhere else.



Emblem commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

@rjejr Yeah this date was debunked on another site pretty a while ago. The retailer guesstimates dates, the most recent one to be wrong was GTA which they had pegged for October.

In anycase in the UK atleast both Watchdogs and Sonic are launching on the 21st November. Nintendo can't afford to sabotage sales from two of their largest third party supporters if they hope to have any kind third party support in the future.

Personally I don't think were seeing Smash Wii U until 5th December at the earliest.



Emblem commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

The demo is fun but i'm really craving a full screen experience now. The game looks better than expected on my XL but after each match i'm longing for the 'real' smash experience.

I really hope the Wii U release isn't to far away from the 3DS release, i don't want to wear out the controls on my Fire Emblem 3DSXL :/ .



Emblem commented on Stealth Inc 2 Sneaking Onto the Wii U eShop on...:

1 day before Bayonetta 2 Special edition and Samurai Warriors 4 Anime Edition? My wallets not going to like me very much that week lol.

I hope people support this, an exclusive (timed?) from a reputable dev team that know how to make great games. I really hope co-op is actually fun for both players though, unlike Child of Light where being the fairy light was pointless.

FYI dev's if your reading this I think £6.99-£9.99 would be a good price point, anything over £10 will scare people off, especially with a high profile release like Bayonetta 2 releasing the next day.



Emblem commented on Video: Mii Fighters Get Ready For Smash Bros. ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu @ModestFan93 @Yosher Don't let cultural ignorance blind you, you can substitute the AKB48 with any other J-pop/K-pop group name and that story would be exactly the same. Japan isn't the west, things are totally different so you can't look at events in a western frame of mind or context even if they appear similar. The whole idol system itself is a crazy mess but sales and public opinion indicate that the market thrives on it, the more crazy doggeyoopsie the better actually.

Fans of these groups are pretty much OTT by nature, this fact is also played on by said groups and their management to the fans enjoyment. Its like a massive cycle of satirical entertainment that some people take too far but essentially both the fans and groups are playing roles even if they start believing in them. Most idols are completely fabricated and pretty much pimped out by their management who tell them what to do on a day to day basis. The stars themselves earn peanuts compared to those in charge and their shelf life is even shorter than counterparts in the west. They are normally recruited from rural areas of families with little to no influence. This is important as its easier to manipulate and discredit them if need be.

The entire business is set up to milk said performers dry and if you start being to independent the business will lie about you and blacklist you so your career is pretty much over. Its like one step up from prostitution, there are hundreds of scandals if you care to research the subject further, its actually quite messed up.



Emblem commented on Video: Mii Fighters Get Ready For Smash Bros. ...:

AKB48 is actually more akin to a theatre troupe then a band. They have revolving members and preform stage shows in a set location daily. In anycase i like the trailer and the more smash hype the better, Smash 3DS and Wii U need to sell well for every bodies sakes.



Emblem commented on UK And Australian Pricing For Nintendo's Amiib...:

Its worth noting that Disney Infinity 2.0 figures now cost £13-17 each, £27-30 for the 2 pack. I mainly want the Amiibo as figures but now i'm wondering how long they will be useful on the gaming side. Skylanders figures are useless when the next one comes out since they are essentially physical dlc keys while most Disney Infinity figures only work in the toy box.



Emblem commented on Teslagrad Artist Makes a Cheeky Addition to Ni...:

@Frapp Sorry that was a rant and maybe not 100% clear, I was mainly talking about the people that expect all indies to be a certain price regardless of quality or content. I was not saying everyone should buy every game at full price. Whenever a retail game is announced no one says anything about its price, value or anything. The only time people will say i'll buy it in a sale is if said company has insulted Nintendo or cut a feature from the Wii U version.

However everytime a indie or eshop games price is announced you get a host of people saying stuff like "looks great but i'll get it in a sale" or " I never spend that much on indies" or my favourite "They will get more sales with a lower price". This isn't exclusive to this site either. On PC, most veteran PC gamers are preconditioned with the "I'll wait for Steam sale or humble bundle" response. Ironicly its this attitude that has pushed the re-emergent indie scene onto consoles in the first place. I also see the same on PSNblog, whenever a game is announced its " No crossplay/crossbuy no sale" or "I'll wait for it to come to PSN+" or "Its cheaper on X console/PC so no buy (even though i don't own said console/PC).

This isn't simply "I don't have the money for said purchase", its purposely devaluing the product and the efforts of those who created it implying that its not worth much. Games are luxury items not a public service, you don't like you don't buy, simple. However if you do like and you don't buy or you buy in a way that the creators are not seeing a return of investment then your crippling the suppliers and the potential of future games from said supplier.

Its a much wider issues but it still bugs me when i see people reinforcing these negative views of indie/downloadable games.

TL:DR - Indie/digital game does not automatically equal cheap price or sale material. Indies should be valued on there own merits not compared to other Indies prices. PS I love sales too :) .



Emblem commented on Teslagrad Artist Makes a Cheeky Addition to Ni...:

While I have no interest in the game itself at the moment it irks me to see people complaining about the price and comparing it to other platforms. People complain about the lack of games or dead franchises but yet are not willing to feed the industry.

Didn't we just have a story about a dev closing down due to not having enough profits to continue despite having a decent amount of sales? How many times have we heard the same story?

Outside of the big AAA studio's how many studios stay in business long enough to get more than 3 or 4 games out before closing down or being boughtout?

Then we have a million threads on forums crying for sequels, remakes and such for games people were too cheap to support when they had the chance.




Emblem commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

"How do you feel about Xenoblade Chronicles being a New 3DS exclusive?"

Xenoblade cannot run on the 3DS without the extra power of the new hardware, the phrasing of the question doesn't reinforce this fact. A 3DS is not a portable Wii, its a clear and cut downgrade in terms of hardware. It remains to be seen how substantial this increased hardware of the new 3ds is but its likely Xenoblade will still be a downgrade.



Emblem commented on Feature: The Benefits of a Portable Super Smas...:

@triforcepower73 Its a legit topic that's been discussed quite abit actually so know one should get mad at you.

Nintendo have seen that the Wii U is unlikely to have any single games software sales above a few million, having Smash on the much more established and popular 3DS will bring in more than triple the revenue, keep existing 3DS owners happy and also persuade people to pick up the new 3DS.

People who want the big tv experience are still going to get the Wii U version while those without Wii U's or new to the series can pick up the 3DS copy instead. Diehard fans are going to pick up both copies regardless which means more copies sold for Nintendo.

IMO this is the best course of action, especially in light of the disappointing amount of Wii U's MK8 shifted despite its critical and commercial success.



Emblem commented on Video: This New Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo...:

@unrandomsam Welcome to the video game industry, the percentage of games released on time is dwarfed by those that miss release dates for whatever reason.

Companies don't (usually) lie about release dates, it doesn't benefit them at all, in fact it normally harms them. This is why most companies don't like to give exact release dates.

The only time they blatantly lie is near console launches, a good recent example is the build up before and after the X1 & PS4 releases. Alot of game dev's gave or implied release dates within launch period knowing that was not even possible.



Emblem commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

FYI almost all of Namco Bandai's fighters hit arcades first, we normally see console ports 6 months to a year later. Their most popular "fighter" at the moment is the latest in the "Gundam Extreme VS" series, i think it took around 6+ months for the last one to come to PS3 but the newest version has been out for a while now and no port has been announced afaik.

Since Wii U is the only console this could actually come to, i'm sure its already in development but Namco want to farm the arcade scene exclusively first to help build a user base before dropping a Wii U version.

Edit: Also Gundam Vs has a data share thing for console and arcade (I'm sure other games do also), I imagine it would be feasible to implement Amiibo to transfer data between arcade and Wii U.



Emblem commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Unless X1 gets some amazing exclusives I'll likely be skipping it this gen on principle alone. The crap they tried to pull before their massive 180 was too much for me. Every time I consider buying one I think of how this gen would be if Sony had followed their lead and I shudder.

I have a PC, Wii U, 360, PS3, PS4 & 3DS and more games than my current lifestyle actually allows for lol.



Emblem commented on Hyrule Warriors Update to Bring New Game Mode:

@SavoirFaire All that information was out by release day, gamefaqs, gameexplain & Hyrulewarriors Wikia will have all the information you want. I'd recommend you wait until release and experience it yourself, i accidently stumbled across more than a few things i think i would have preferred to discover myself.