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Fri 4th July, 2008

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elekid commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

Aww, the tagline in the article made me think it was a WiFi event. We don't have GAME in Ireland either so no Diancie for us. So frustrating.. Is there any chance Nintendolife could ask Pokémon Company International if they will do something to bring these events to ALL of their fans, not just those lucky enough to live in the right countries



elekid commented on Review: My Pokémon Ranch:

This is very disappointing. The main reason I wanted this was so that I could safely store all of my hard earned Pokemon and start a new game on my Diamond cart. Without the ability to do that this "utility" is completely useless to me and I can't understand why they couldn't have made it more flexible.