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ekreig commented on Review: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Wii U e...:

FFTA/FFTA2: great customization and replay value, but horribly unbalanced difficulty and shallow plot/characters. Definitely a case of "your mileage may vary". Spent over a hundred hours on these games when I first played them, then almost completely forgot about them after getting into Fire Emblem.



ekreig commented on Review: Minecraft: Wii U Edition (Wii U eShop):

I'm one of the people who never "got" Minecraft. I'm just not the creative type, so it doesn't do anything for me. On the other hand, all the kids in my family seem to live and breathe Minecraft. Whenever I visit them and hear them talking so excitedly about it, I feel like a jaded and crotchety old man!



ekreig commented on Minecraft: Wii U Edition to Get Update 1.8.8 i...:

I guess it's fair to write this one off as the newly-released Wii U edition needing some time to "get into the swing of things". It'll be interesting to see how long they make us wait for subsequent updates.



ekreig commented on Weirdness: North American Devil's Third Copies...:

Imagine paying that much for a game you can buy digitally...Heck, if storage space is an issue, you could get an eShop copy + a 1TB hard drive and it would still be considerably cheaper than friggin' $150. People are nuts.



ekreig commented on Review: SmileBASIC (3DS eShop):

@Captain_Gonru Same here. I've done this dance before - "I want to learn coding, I really really do!...But I also want to finish Zelda first..." I'm a bad person.

Something I feel I should point out to NL real quick. The overview for this has a link to the developer's website under "Official Site". The site for the app proper is here: Nice looking site too! You can really tell they go out of their way to be inviting and unintimidating to newcomers.



ekreig commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

@Savino This is one of my main beefs with mobile games. It always feels so awkward to have my fingers covering up part of the viewing area at all times...but otoh, I've never felt that way about 3/DS games that use the touchscreen extensively. :/ Maybe I should just trust Nintendo to work their magic here.



ekreig commented on Video: Reggie Fils-Aime Busts Some Moves and D...:

Nice. Let it not be said that Reggie doesn't suffer for his craft.

Also, I'm just now realizing how smart and economical it is of Nintendo to use famous execs like Reggie and Bill for commercials, as opposed to nameless paid actors and whatnot.



ekreig commented on Review: Monster High: New Ghoul in School (Wii U):

lol, great opening paragraph.

Sounds like something that might actually be worth buying for your kid if they like Monster High. From what I've seen, kids can overlook dull gameplay and still have a good time if a franchise they like is involved. It'll be...a thing...for Christmas anyway.



ekreig commented on Review: Kirby: Power Paintbrush (Wii U eShop /...:

Yep. These early DS games that basically existed just to advertise the touchscreen have not aged well at all. Anyone nowadays could look at this game and conclude that they can just play something similar on their phone for free.

But, man, that sure as heck wasn't the case back in 2005! I remember my 11 year old self watching a commercial for this game and thinking "THIS IS THE FUTURE"



ekreig commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

Nintendo games on a rival console might not be likely, but then again, we said that about Nintendo games on smartphones...

I hear you. With the industry in the state of flux it's in right now, who knows what the future will bring?



ekreig commented on Video: This is the Animal Crossing Wii U Game ...:

Animal Crossing with the Gamepad really would have been lovely. There's a lesson to be learned from amiibo Festival: we gamers love to whine about "safe sequels" and repetition, but change isn't always such a good thing.



ekreig commented on Review: FAST Racing NEO (Wii U eShop):

@Morph Amen! Shin'en seems like just the kind of studio Nintendo should be throwing a ton of support behind right now. If you can't rely on third parties for support, start building up the promising indies now to replace them. That sounds logical to me!



ekreig commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Good, honest criticism is unquestionably important. Just look at what happened with Star Fox Zero: people were vocal about its flaws, and Nintendo responded by delaying the game to improve it, even though it meant worsening a thin release schedule. Criticism helps, sitting in an echo chamber where Nintendo is always perfect no matter what doesn't help.

"'Haters gonna hate' is a silly and redundant phrase, frankly, as it's a way to dismiss someone's view without actually saying why."

Also, I love this line! I would shout it from the rooftops...well, I would if I lived in a safer neighborhood!



ekreig commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

It's a shame, but I'm glad reviewers are being honest about this game. This kind of bare-bones release is the type of thing you expect from certain other big name publishers, but not Nintendo; they need to be reminded that it is NOT okay to stoop to that level.



ekreig commented on Gallery: There's Loads Of Awesome Linkle Fan A...:

Linkle's design is pretty well done, I think. They struck a nice balance between similarities and divergences with Link. She manages to look like a fresh new character while still obviously being a counterpart.



ekreig commented on Swedish Craftsman Is Making An American Walnut...:

@Gridatttack $46k is the total amount it will take to fund the project. According to the rewards info, you only have to pledge about 1% of that yourself to get one. Granted, even that's pretty steep when you consider that smartphones nowadays have emulator apps available for just about every classic console...